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    Should schools be eligible for some sort of government bailout?

    I'ma have to disagree. The NCAA is the biggest scam ever to be created and that union is only getting stronger and richer with time.
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    If they cancel 2020 season

    Wow who knew densely populates cities would be hit hard? Oh everyone did. Lol. We are going on 3 months of this and the fact that we already have a cure that is being tested to pass the FDA guidelines shows that this virus isnt gonna last much longer. Also the FDA has prevented and still does...
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    If they cancel 2020 season

    Come late spring to mid fall we will see a drop in the virus. 80° F starts to Jill the virus so our second wave will be starting in mid fall if not late fall so we should see a football season this year
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    Oh yeah, it's still true!

    Every team practices it lol
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    Oh yeah, it's still true!

    We definitely got lucky
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    Yes and to answer your next question he didn't commit to UT.
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    Realistically, do you believe there will be a 2020 season?

    Lol people still worried over this? Wtf. Vaccine is almost complete and so is the cure so either way we good lol 😂😂
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    What are the little things???

    Happy to see family and friends since I got 4 days off. Happy grocery stores are fairly slow, Happy that going out to eat doesn't take long either
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    Witten To The Raiders

    Pruitt is doing that just fine no need for Gruden by any means
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    Vol workouts

    I'm sure there was a student team meeting to work out in their own. I'm sure all coaches gave them ideas on what to do on their own. This team just like every other team is hungry for practice and to improve. We will be fine let the media hype of this virus to run its course and everything will...
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    Best Athlete to ever play at UT

    I'ma have to go with Reggie White
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    Lack of spring practice could benefit Vols vs Oklahoma

    Oklahoma has been on a downward spiral since Mayfield left. Their defense sucks and they lost their best defense player to the draft, their offense took a big hit bc of the draft. When they play someone of national championship caliber they get destroyed. Their conference that has two maybe...
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    Is the weight room and training center

    I think it truly comes down to genetics more so than anything else. If you have good genes vs someone who doesn't and say both people use the same supplements the person with good genes will still out perform the other person. So with how the world is going I wouldn't be surprised to see people...
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    Is the weight room and training center

    That is true however that isn't an enhancement. Hell there are other supplements that you can take that do exactly what steroids do but they are legal. They may not be on the same level sure but they still reduce recovery time and help you lift more for longer.
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    Orange White game postponed per Philip Fulmer

    Not really we should compare it to other viruses that swept the world when there wasn't a vaccine or cure for them at the time to try and accurately judge how bad it is.

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