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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    You do know Notre Dame didn't come within 2 points of National Championship, the won the championship, over Miss St, by 2, who is doing just fine this year.
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    Jaiden's nifty interior bounce-passing

    Team is spacing so much better and moving the ball. We are playing some really good defense. I hope we bring an A game to UCONN, they are really vulnerable against tall athletic teams, and are not playing near their talent level, I blame coaching and his health problems (ode to his nasty remarks...
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    UCLA last major undefeated goes down

    #7 UCLA goes down in overtime, last Major undefeated goes down in overtime to USC (8-8) USC had 22 turnovers to UCLAs 8. What a season!
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    McCoy, McCoy, McCoy... a perspective

    I guess under that belief, Pat should of benched Parker after dislocating her shoulder a second time against A&M in semi-finals, and not player her in finals.🧐
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    McCoy, McCoy, McCoy... a perspective

    Recruits are victims of such, non informed, expert analysis. Some of them just have no couth. A certain poster has such a hyper critical analysis of incoming freshman Darby. She plays a low level, small school division, has brilliant numbers. Many players step up even more against talented...
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    2020 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    Why would you trash a young Lady before she even shows you what she can do? I mean, not once, but you repeatedly have a beef with her, what is wrong with you?
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    ACL injuries !

    She isn't going to burn a redshirt yr, when we will be a lot better next year.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    Not saying we are one of them, but UCONN is very beatable by at least 10 teams. Geno is really slipping as a coach. They were terrible in 4th quarter, looks like they are out of shape. All that talent and not even able to hardly score in 4th quarter. I think his mind is going. Much as he said...
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    serious question

    If Holly was here, so would be Collins. Collins will be a stud at Maryland.I think coming in would be another bumper class. I thing we would have same record, but wouldn't of lost to Texas, and would have dropped one to Missouri, their coach had Holly's number. Holly had team ready but it was...
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    Game Thread: #22/23 TENNESSEE AT NO. 13/13 KENTUCKY

    She missed 11 or 12 straight shots, you can't say we simply failed to contain her Coachjumper, bad calls, and youth reaction, aside, we stopped her for the second quarter, and still faught hard. Very bad calls on Key, and Jordan, really made difference. The team faught hard and will turn this...
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    Lady Vols - 21 Turnovers (Kentucky 28 Points off Turnovers)

    We have played three good teams, and WE have beaten ourselves in TWO. Kentucky won from freshman first experience with home cooking SEC calls, which is how it is, against Texas we just couldn't buy a bucket and were far superior to them in that game.
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    Game Thread: #22/23 TENNESSEE AT NO. 13/13 KENTUCKY

    I think THIS was a necessary loss. Youngsters, Key, and Jordan learned bad calls on road, and still team battled back to fight. No way Kentucky beats us here or on neutral court. We will grow leaps and bounds, and, for first time, the subbing didn't effect play. We are extremely talented, and...
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    Game Thread: #22/23 TENNESSEE VS. MISSOURI

    She probably has, and she doesn't know your name either!
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    Game Thread: #22/23 TENNESSEE VS. MISSOURI

    Maybe as a former player, and a coach at this level, she lets them coach their self. She is not Pat, dont expect the stare, or timeouts. Maybe she learned, stop calling timeouts and let us do this. Team seemed to figure out problems while playing. Point Guard coaching! It did work. I am confused...

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