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    Butch Jones got a promotion

    INFINITY is my level of "Don't give a SH**!!"
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    Eric Berry returning for 2020?

    Well that makes more sense, was shocked that some team didn't pick him up!?!
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    Henry To'o To'o: 'It's my turn to lead' Tennessee's defense

    After seeing all the entitled "Woke" idiots in this country, young men like Henry T give me hope for the future!!!
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    Tee is staying, per Hyams. Sorry Kiffin.

    Tee isn't stupid! He already went with Kiffy to USC and it was a disaster!! He knows dam well that Pruitt is a winner!! JMO
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    To’oto’o’ & Volnation

    I think its about time a Linebacker won the Heisman!!! JMO
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    Butch jones

    HAHAHA!! Dang you, made me snort coffee outta my nose!!! :D:D
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    Cimaglia deserves credit

    That onside was a Thing of Beauty!!!
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    Peyton Manning Sports Belle Jersey

    Would think Dr. Loomis is the expert on this, he may chime in?!?
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    If Tee leaves, bring back Dooley!

    Hey OP.....!!! .
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    Gatorade bath

    Must have been a Life Champion celebration for IU!!
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    Best ever onside kick

    Don't know about the rule, but you are taught that if you get the ball, go down and protect it with you Life!!!
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    We should have won by three TDs. We need HB!

    The two Best QB's in country are playing for the NC soon, not an accident! This season has been all about QB play, when it was good we won, when it is bad we lost, simple!
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    ESPN's Chris Low: "The incredible comeback of Tennessee offensive lineman Trey Smith"

    Nothing better than a True VFL!!!! Whatever your decision, Thank You Trey!!!
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Really wish JG was NOT starting and coming off the bench instead!! He plays much better off the bench, JMO!!!

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