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    South Carolina Player Doppelgangers

    LOL! Winner!!!
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    So I guess the stadium renovations won't happen now

    It smells good though......?!?!?!
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    2021 NFL Mock Draft has 2 first round Vols

    If Trey goes 31st in the draft, he would be the Steal of the Century!!
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    Ultimate College Fan Base Tourney

    Texas is a #1 Seed.........
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    One of the great Tennessee RB performances - Travis Stephens '01 Florida

    Went to this game with my dad and my 2 brothers. Seeing interviews with Spurrier after that game was just Beautiful!! The four of us went in 2003 and won again! My father was sick for the 2005 game and by 2007 he was in the hospital at Vanderbilt. He died in Feb of 2008 and I have thought about...
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    '21 Brentwood WR Walker Merrill commits to the Vols

    Walker TN Ranger! Welcome aboard!! :cool:
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    Spring Practice Thread #1 Tuesday 3/10/20

    Fingers saves all our lives each spring!! 🍺🍺
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    Help ESPN Rewrite This Headline So That it Isn’t Unnecessarily Insulting to Both Teams

    The Press focusing on.....positives.....about TN??? You're so Cute!!
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    LOUDEST College Football stadium voting -OSU?

    Any other team besides Tennessee.......???
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    Butch Jones got a promotion

    INFINITY is my level of "Don't give a SH**!!"
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    Eric Berry returning for 2020?

    Well that makes more sense, was shocked that some team didn't pick him up!?!
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    Henry To'o To'o: 'It's my turn to lead' Tennessee's defense

    After seeing all the entitled "Woke" idiots in this country, young men like Henry T give me hope for the future!!!
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    Tee is staying, per Hyams. Sorry Kiffin.

    Tee isn't stupid! He already went with Kiffy to USC and it was a disaster!! He knows dam well that Pruitt is a winner!! JMO

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