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    Great analysis from SI

    Great comments. Incompetency will keep talent away from you. A kid like Trevor Lawrence could be playing here. But he talked to our coaches (and others) and made the best decision for himself. Who will the next Trevor Lawrence be? Whomever it is...he’s not walking into this shiz show. You have...
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    Crossing/slant routes... can a football guru explain?

    I’ve been saying the same thing all year. There’s definitely a connection between us not using them and our defense not being able to stop them. And virtually every other team uses them. Just another coaching shortcoming imo. I think it has something to do with how our coaches manage Jg. It’s...
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    You can’t make this up...

    Yes he is the reason we lost. We ran the ball 75% of the time. Into a loaded box on almost every play. Why do you think teams absolutely sell out to stop our run? And why do you believe our coaches continue to call run plays when the defense has 18 players within 3 yards of the loc? They are not...
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    You can’t make this up...

    Pruitt complimented JG saying he thought he did a nice job managing the offense today. Uh...hey coach we got absolutely blown out! Pruitt compliments 'mature' Guarantano, plays Maurer in loss
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    TN's Decades of Failures Explained

    This is my biggest concern and really was my greatest concern when we hired him. That was basically because I didn’t feel that butch was an intelligent guy. Butch wasn’t intelligent enough to make observations fans were able to make. Such as playing Hurd over Kamara and always taking the...
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    Op...1000% accurate. This coach literally didn’t Tj I k we could win. We were never ever going to drive the ball down the field early with inside runs on every play. Never. We settled for not score and hoped to keep the game close. So pathetic. I honestly belibe that Pruitt is the worst of the 3...
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    I was surprised they overturned the targeting also. I think it’s because the wr was facing the dback (not defenseless) first of all and secondly it app reader that at the last minute the wr lowed into the hit bracing for the impact.
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    Coach Doug Mathews - Big Orange Sunday on NOW

    I didn’t care to hear what he says. This guy is bffs with the athletic director. He’s commentary will always be biased. I listed for just a second and he was talking about the improvements he’s seen bla bla.
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    Play calling after the half

    Pruitt is just incapable of recognizing the relationship to the QB and every other position. When your offense continually goes 3 and out (because you insist on always player the same terrible player)...they’re always out there in defense. And they just don’t believe in the direction of the program.
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    It's over

    It’s over for Pruitt. Unfortunately fulmer will be able to fight it for at least 2 more seasons (after this one). But not for ut football. One of these days we’ll have the right administration in there and the right coaching hire will be made.
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    Agreed. We’re just not a well coached program in any facet. Also, he was incredibly stubborn with the Ron. Typically you see one or the other. 18 that tries to control the ball and Speed up the clock with the run game. Or, a team that does the hurry up and throws the ball all over the yard. You...
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    3rd Slaughterday in October

    It takes a special coach to win with less talent. And that’s what’s needed when your down as a program and play in the sece. Unfortunately, we don’t have a special coach right now. Pretty obvious to anyone that’s watched us.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #2 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 ET, CBS

    You just can’t win running the fall 80% of the time. Impossible. This isn’t the 1950s for one thing. And secondly teens know we can’t throw the ball if we want to so they just sell out to start our lawn. A couple of those run plays that first down you’re lucky because Alabama was players up to...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #2 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 ET, CBS

    Thank God pruitt took over for D line. Wonder how bad they be playing is not for that
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    Butch Jones receives high praise from Saban

    Man I was just thinking about how weird of a guy butch really is. The guy has been a “special assistant” to Saban for over 3 years now. A guy that’s been a head coach for over 10 years and made somewhere around 50 million dollars (between salary and endorsements) is basically running errands for...

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