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    Anyone notice any familiarity with the way Heupel speaks...

    Oh my for. It’s pruitts clone. Bizarre. Will be even more bizarre if we hire him. Please no!!!!
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    The names keep getting worse and worse

    This is what gets me. Tennessee is freezes damn dream job. Instead we’re going to get the guy that was fired as oc from Oklahoma 5 seasons ago? Great
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    New Interim Coach - Jim Chaney 😄

    You give that man any additional bump in his pay amd I honest to god worry that he’d eat himself to death
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    Behind the numbers

    It really shouldn’t be that hard. Kiffin amd freeze bith would almost certainly take the job. If the ad truly has unified support in that dept go hire one of those 2 guys. They both be a home run hire. Like I said before...stop trying to be so cute and get someone none of us saw coming.
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    Billy Napier (La-Lafayette)

    Well someone even reasonable competent can be successful here. Butch would always take the foot off the gas and start trying to run out the clock as soon as we got a lead. It didn’t matter if it was in the second quarter. Literally, he’d take a knee with 2 minutes and 2 timeouts left in the half...
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    As long as it isn't _________ or ___________i will try and support them

    Man see people that would be unhappy with Franklin is about as shocking as anything. But I guess when you considers there’s folks that would be unhappy with kiffin also and it makes sense. bith of those dudes would be home runs. Kiffin would be my no1
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    Dykes or Kiffin????

    I’d take kiffin over virtually anyone else. Dude cam flat out coach amd recruit. Hope we go with him
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    Tracking Planes

    How does tracking planes make us bad fans?
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    Of all the names that have been named..

    I think they’re both within our reach.
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    Of all the names that have been named..

    1. Lane kiffin 1a. Hugh freeze go get either one of them and we’re set
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    Keshawn Lawrence To Oklahoma

    Man that sucks. A Tennessee kid. Why the hell not wait a couple of days and see who’s chosen as the coach. Just makes no sense. Go sit out a guy you idiot instead of starting in the sec next year under a new coach
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    We are seeing how a coaching search should be conducted

    I kinda agree. But we’ll have to withhold judgment until at least the hire is done. Maybe even for a couple of years before we know how successful it was. But to compare to the one fulmer ran...he didn’t aim high amd to try to get an established coach. Right out of the gate he aimed low. He said...
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    Something You Should Know About James Franklin

    If we could land this guy it would be one of the greatest hires in ut history. Certainly the best of the last 20+ years and we’d immediately become relevant. Immediately!!!
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    Who's Worse? Schiano or Franklin

    I can’t freaking belibe we have fans that wouldn’t be Absolutely ecstatic to find out we landed a coach the caliber of James Franklin. To hell with a homerun… That would be a freaking grand slam
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    Austin Price on the Locker Room Show says

    How the hell was that franklins faults we’ve had a bunch of guys here accused of sexual assault over the last 10 years. It wasn’t our coaches fault. Coaches can only do so much.

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