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    '20 AL ATH Camryn Beckwith (PWO)

    I’m sure they think taking this kid will help with Dee but even though he is small, this kid is a quick, dynamic athlete. He is well worth a PWO either way.
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    '20 KY DT Octavious Oxendine

    Different positions, Perry’s is a 3-4 DE and might end up at OT, OX is a nose tackle.
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    '19 JUCO DE Everitt Cunningham

    Ummm, this kid is at Memphis
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    '20 MS ATH Jimmy Holiday

    This is like Jennings, bring him in and give him a shot at QB them move him to WR or DB.
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    Houston smokes Whitehaven in the playoffs

    I don’t think Memphis offers him anything other than a PWO. They are stacked at RB, I think he goes to Navy and puts up big numbers.
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    '18 TN DT Brant Lawless

    At least Emerson looks like he is gonna be good, I really hate that Litaker had such bad knee problems. Didn’t Lawless have some grade issues and there were questions about him getting in?
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    '19 GA S Kwauze Pak Garland (PWO Commit)

    Looking through the roster though, there are definitely several that are probably going to transfer, actually more than I would like.
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    '20 AL DE Jimari Butler (UT commit 11/8/19)

    Not much on stats but he has played in almost every game.
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    '20 AR ATH Blayne Toll (Arkansas commit)

    Yea, he was the only one that actually camped with us to prove himself but Pruitt has him low on the board, I wish we would have taken him.
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    '21 TN ATH Jaden Keller

    Mack Crowder and Brendon Downs flashbacks
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    '20 UT ILB Noah Sewell (Oregon commit)

    We would take Sewell no matter what.
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    Top 20 recruiting class BOOM!

    Kasim Hill is our second QB, I doubt we recruit another unless we lose Bailey.
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    '19 Recruiting Forum: Official South Carolina Pregame/Game Thread

    I doubt we see JG anymore this year unless another injury occurs, JT will be playng when Maurer can't.
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    We won with Maurer

    Am I way off base to think we actually win last night with Maurer, even with the horrible referees? I saw at least two tds that I believe Maurer gets and I’m willing to bet we get another one or at least a few field goals along with more ball control. I doubt the refs let us win anyway.
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    Criminally bad calls! (Merged)

    It was pathetic, but if Maurer stays in the game we still probably win but the refs made sure we had no shot with Guarantano.

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