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    '21 TN ATH Tray Curry

    If he is able to play safety than he may still find a way in but he seems like a kid that might grow into a LB.
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    '21 TN ATH Tray Curry

    We just won’t have room for another receiver unless a current one leaves, too many needs, especially either line and at CB.
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    '22 TN WR Isaiah Horton

    I still would have liked to have Knox.
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    '20 AL ATH Damarcus "Dee" Beckwith (Tennessee signee)

    Ummm, I might leave this thread for awhile
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    '21 VA OLB Naquan Brown

    It’s been reported that bell was up to 300, he won’t be playing on the edge, he will be a DE.
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    '21 TN ATH Tray Curry

    That’s really embarrassing, especially for an in-state kid.
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    St. Frances Academy story

    The thing is though these are basically just prep schools, they shouldn’t be classified as high schools anymore. Most of these poor kids from bad neighborhoods still go to school and most of those schools have football teams so these kids could still play. This just kills those school teams...
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    '21 Class Includes Only 2 TN Players - #15 and #21 In-State

    This is a down year for instate kids, Colson, Wolf and Pennington seem to be the only ones we still want and Colson is looking like he is expendable. I do think if we miss with our last couple of spot then Griffin and Kollie could be fall back options.
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    '22 WI OT Billy Schrauth

    Wisconsin usually gets their pick of anyone instate that they want but I definitely wouldn’t mind getting a lineman out of there.
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    '21 TX RB LJ Johnson

    Which RB gets a gitshirt?
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    '21 MD QB Christian Veilleux (PSU commit)

    Salter is better overall athlete and imo since Bailey is here they see a chance to go after a kid with a higher upside that can sit and learn for a couple of years, of course that is rare for any high ranked QB to do these days, most just transfer somewhere to play immediately.
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    '21 AL WR Roc Taylor (Tennessee commit)

    This kid will end up ranked around the same as Jimmy Calloway IMO.
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    MS DT Fabien Lovett (FSU transferee)

    The picture resembled nothing even close to racism, and no one at that university ever had anything to do with lynching and probably not even the civil rights movement. All that was is a kid that wanted to leave got an opening to use something that he might be able to play immediately with and...
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    MS DT Fabien Lovett (FSU transferee)

    Not a very good one, they have some defensive talent but the schemes they have run in the past did not fit the type of players they have, same will be true this year which is why they desperately need interior defensive lineman.
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    '20 TN ATH Chayce Bishop (Tennessee PWO commit)

    That is an big get as a walk-on, this kid could have played power 5 football on scholarship.

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