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    Did TN pay Pruitt?

    You live up in Sand Mountain? I have family over in Trenton/Dade County, GA . . . So, I’ve been around there from time to time. Pruitt’s dad did a real number on the Dade folks by taking the HS coaching job and then running off after one season. A real “character” guy, just like his son...
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    I think GA peaked

    UGA still has a shot to win it all (gross). My fondest football wish at the moment is that Michigan rips them apart by 30 in the semi-final. I loathe Georgia more than any other team - even Alabama (Florida is a close call depending on the week). Rooting for Cincy and Michigan this time.
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    Heupel on Music City Bowl…..

    Didn’t think we’d be bowling this year when it started. Glad I was wrong. Go Vols!
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    Former Vol opening up about Pruitt and shooting

    What has become clearer and clearer over the last year is how vile a person Jeremy Pruitt appears to have been. Toxic to his staff - and, apparently, to his players as well. I didn’t have the wit to see it at the time, but this guy was a downgrade from Jones AND Dooley. THAT was once impossible...
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    SO Who You Pulling For ; bama ---uga? Why?

    I’ve always disliked Alabama, I have grown to hate UGA. No use for them at all. Would much rather see Bama win another one (gross) than UGA to win (even worse). On a related note, I have no idea why any of us root for the SEC against anyone else. I don’t pull for any SEC team other than...
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    Riley to USC…the inevitable Josh Heupel to OU freak out thread

    Valid concerns. If Heupel ends up leaving somehow, White is much better a leader to handle finding a replacement than any of our previous ADs going back to Mike Hamilton, the fool who presided over the start of our program’s decline. That said, I have no idea how likely (or unlikely) a Heupel...
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    Riley to USC…the inevitable Josh Heupel to OU freak out thread

    The thing that is lessening my symptoms of BVS is the presence of our new AD. White seems like he knows what he’s doing. We haven’t had an AD worth a crap for more than 20 years - Hamilton, Hart, Currie, and Fulmer were all dreadfully incompetent. With White in the AD position, we might actually...
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    Billy Napier to Florida

    I’m more concerned with our team figuring out how to NOT let a first year coach (or back-up QB) set new records against us. The Florida game was a huge disappointment this year, especially considering how they ended up. As much as I like Coach Heupel, until he proves he can beat Florida, I’ll...
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    Get behind me Saban….

    As much as I dislike Bama, I’ve grown to absolutely hate Georgia. Will not be in UGA’s corner. Ever. Even against Saban.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt Game Thread, 3:45 PM ET, SEC Network

    I thought we were likely a 5-win team this season going in. After seeing the season unfold, I’m still disappointed with the Pitt loss and laying huge egg against UF (as usual). However, it’s hard to not see this year as an overachievement. Still a lot to prove though. We need to skull-drag...
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    Sum Up 2021 Regular Season In 3-4 Words

    Still much to prove.
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    Tiyon Evans officially has entered transfer portal

    I ponder the bigger question regarding the transfer portal’s ultimate impact on college football. I’m a bit torn because I think there’s goodness in allowing some flexibility for a lot of these guys, especially when the NCAA was so idiotic about granting exceptions for even the most justifiable...
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    Our #1 Recruiting Rank and McDonald's Bags of Cash

    I have no idea which (if any) of those who transferred took payments. It’s probable that many did. However, it’ll end up like most things associated with the NCAA: a joke. Tennessee will likely get smacked hard. Pruitt will face no meaningful censure (other than, I suppose, having been exposed...
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    Kirk Herbstreit praises heups first season.

    I don’t mind Herbie. It’s the other morons that suck. Paul Finebaum, David Pollack, and Reece Davis are brain dead shills of the worst kind. The only sports commentator in dislike more than them is Max Kellerman.
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    Scale 1-10 how important is the Vanderbilt game and why?

    Losing the Vandy game this year would basically render all other positives from the season meaningless. There is no reason to lose to a really bad Commodores team. I’d say it’s a 10 just because of what it suggests for the program’s momentum and overall progress.

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