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    Offseason Fun - Another one

    I always thought he should’ve won the Heisman the year Tebow did. Not saying it was a robbery or anything but if I’d had a vote that year it’d have been for McFadden.
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    Was Johnny Majors robbed of the 1956 Heisman Trophy?

    Yeah... This is the exact argument I use when somebody wonders why I'm so butthurt about Peyton not winning (and Majors too but to a lesser extent for me personally cause that was almost 30 years before I was born). They've been handing out this award (one of, if not the, most prestigious awards...
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    To Protect and to Serve II

    I love how they said he tripped until the video surfaced. And then 57 members of the emergency response team resigned from that from that team (not the force completely*) cause they’re butthurt their brothers got suspended for assaulting an old man. Kinda shines a little light on what a load...
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    To Protect and to Serve II

    I’ve had to reference this several times over the last few days when I hear people say there’s no chance these guys in MN get off.
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    They most likely beat us but to say we couldn’t have is simply childish.
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    So you're telling me there's a chance

    I’m pretty sure that +10,000 is the the equivalent to 100 to 1
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    I'm 36 and didn't start paying attention until the mid 90s so I can't really speak to anything prior to that. From that point on though I think the only years we'd have 100% gotten in were 95, 97, and 98. 1999 would have been unlikely but not out of the realm of possibility. A 2 loss team...
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    People referring to that victory as luck (which even most UT fans I know do) probably aggravates me more than just about anything that's talked about in UT football history and, as a result, what actually set the cascade that resulted in a turnover doesn't get discussed nearly enough... Like you...
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    Tennessee 2020 Schedule Analysis By Athlon

    I actually 100% agree but my only concern is that we’ll cancel it out by screwing around and losing to one (or a couple) of teams we have no business losing to.
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    How did the 1999 team not make it back to the National Championship game?

    It’s easy to say that Arkansas game cost us a shot at a title but we wouldn’t have won the East regardless and, IIRC, VT played a few ranked teams right at the end of the year. I feel pretty confident VT would’ve jumped us in the BCS in the end anyway. We blew our chances in September as far as...
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    The Outsider (HBO)

    I’m reading King’s book that came out today. It’s a collection of of 4 novellas. The 3rd story is titled “If it Bleeds” and is also the title of the collection. I don’t want to give anything away in case anybody was gonna read it but Holly is the main character and it could totally be used for a...
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Just scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing the reactions to Georgia opening back up and all I say is “wow”. ... For a country of people who like to constantly beat their chest about how free they are, most sure are getting their patties in a wad about the government not telling them...
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    Governments are too fond of giving things they take away back.
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    To Protect and to Serve II

    So I've been told for years by law enforcement and law enforcement apologist that if given the chance to be Nazis our police (and military) will do the right thing. That when it comes down to it they will stand with their fellow citizens and the constitution in the face of the big bad...

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