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    When you get ready to finish the ribs put some parkay squeeze margarine, 1/4 cup brown sugar, and 1 TBS of honey on the foil before you put the ribs in meat side down. Enjoy 'em!

    Evans or Small playing tomorrow?

    I'll be shocked if we see Small tomorrow. No need to risk any injured player against Tech.

    ohio state problems

    I really wish we had "problems" like OSU is facing....or better yet, I wish they had OUR problems. Love to see that.

    Key Gators linebacker reportedly out for the year

    It's akin to self-flagellation/self-mutilation. An annual rite. An addiction. We see and live it every year.

    Heupel to Oklahoma?

    Not getting Cut was probably the death blow for this program. In hindsight, he should have been the first call but his close ties with Fulmer made him unattactive to the fans and thus a non-starter with the admin. IMO we did have other opportunities to secure him, but by that time, his age was a...

    Heupel to Oklahoma?

    How would you know? Last "successful" coach we had here was the fat man and we were his last coaching gig. Everyone since has been total dog excrement.

    TV for Tenn Tech game/SEC network +/streaming only

    You, sir, are CORRECT!! Thank you for this info. ESPN+ activated. Ready for Saturday.

    What do you want to see against Florida

    I want to see that we finally have our QB.

    TV for Tenn Tech game/SEC network +/streaming only

    Nope. They're carrying aTm. Tech replay is on SEC network Tuesday I believe.
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    Our goals are still in front of us.

    So are UF, Bama, UGA and the rest of the SEC gauntlet. This roster is challenged and lacking at QB at the moment. That's not a formula for success in this league.
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    Heupel to Oklahoma?

    If he bolts, I'd try to lure Pittman back. his hogs are playing. My kind of football.
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    If Milton can be coached up

    How many years and coaches has he had? This feels so JG-ish. Always a feeling that some good coaching can cure him.
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    Pitt Was The Better Team?

    Having a good QB masks a lot of warts on a roster.
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    4-8, 5-7 or 6-6?

    5-7 is about the ceiling for this roster. Hoping for 6, but I won't be surprised if it's a 4 win season. Still no straw to stir the orange soda. Until we get a QB, it's gonna be an uphill climb.
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    The Makings of an Upset: UT v UF

    Every....single....season. Look, I know the losing to UF ends eventually, but this year? With this roster.....come on.

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