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    New coach

    Tough to choose between Meyer and Kiffin. Luring Richt out of retirement is a very interesting proposition.
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    Who is your new team moving forward

    The only obvious choice.
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    Coaching not to lose here we go again

    Let this be a lesson to us all: please don't drink and type.
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    Have Mercy...but What If the Unspeakable Happens...?

    I wondered early on if this is why Tee accepted the job. Perhaps he suspected Pruitt wouldn't get it done, and Volnation would want him to take over. Maybe he was prescient enough to see that it might get so bad that there would be almost no pressure on him to win big his first year or two in...
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    Describe the game / your feels using a gif

    Even the Tennessee girls are the jokes of the SEC. Ugh.
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    Disappointing loss, but fan reactions are embarrassing

    OP, you need to consider the time, money, and emotion devoted to UT football by the fans over the past two decades. They expect a return on their investment. You cannot expect them to be satisfied with a perpetual state of "potential improvement" from year to year. Should we expect to be the...
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    The Official Tennessee @ Vanderbilt Game Thread, 4:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Look on the bright side. In a few years, those Vandy players will be out of football and working in the real world. Our players will be...oh...wait...working for the Vandy players...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #1 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    Quite a few paid analysts (aka experts who know so much more about football than you or I that they actually get paid a lot of money to offer up their opinions) are saying that this may very well be the best team Alabama has ever fielded. Ever. In history. Besides that, it could be the best...
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    USC OC Tee Martin 'disappointed' not to get interview with Tennessee

    Not sure which is worse: that you wrote this BS or that 15 people on this board liked it. Tee did more for the football team than you ever did. Without him, we would not have a National Championship trophy from the Fulmer years. You need to grow up or go away, 'cause you sure don't strike me as...
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    If you ran into Butch Jones..........

    Then you are pathetic. Be a better human being. Set a better example for the people around you. Set a better example for your kids. Tell him you are also a VFL and stick out your hand to say thanks for being part of the history of UT. Anything different is simply showing the world that you have...
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    Recruit says that the offense will be explosive under Pruitt! Pruitt told him!

    Well now, this changes everything! For the record, I heard from a friend on the internet that Pruitt plans to focus most of his effort on the punting game, at least in the early years.
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    The future of Smoky Grey uniforms

    But, but, but...its GREY! :P I like the grey. Nice to have some options.
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    The future of Smoky Grey uniforms

    I like that jersey! Would have been better with the grey helmet and solid pearl white pants, imo.

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