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    Flip Candidates?

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    Degenerate gamblers

    That Bama line is interesting.
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    So Arch Manning

    Let’s hope not, don’t wish that on him at all.
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    '24 AL WR Mario Craver

    He’s a VOL
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    LSU game predictions

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    What game were you watching? I saw him put numerous hard hits on Florida players.
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    This Is Why I'm So Confident.....

    Yes, I was there, also got the flu at that game. Good times….NOT
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    Thoughts on Pitt Officiating

    Egregious non holding call there, was BLATANT
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    Locker Room Celebration

    If “if” was a fifth we’d all be drunk. If we hadn’t had a punt blocked, muffed a punt, fumbled, caught wide open td’s we win by 14+. See how easy the what if game is? 🤡

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