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    The Mandalorian (Disney+)

    To be honest I still haven't gotten around to watching season 1.
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    2020 Presidential Race

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    Chicago Fire, P.D. & Med

    It's fiction!
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    Disney +

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    Chicago Fire, P.D. & Med

    Nothing yet, Probably not until at least late November but more than likely January. IMO
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    Antifa at it again

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    Chicago Fire, P.D. & Med

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    Canceled/Ending Shows announced!

    Wow this is drastic! ABC is basically saying since you can't go back into production fast enough your canceled. "Stumptown was part of the fall 2020 ABC schedule announced in June, slated to return to the Wednesday 10 PM slot it occupied last season. According to sources, a timing issue...
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    2020 Presidential Race

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    2020 Presidential Race

    Wasn't sure where to put this but didn't want to start a new thread.
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    The Atlanta Braves Thread - Socially Distant

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    The Ultimate Cord Cutting Guide (merged)

    Goodbye CBS All Access hello Paramount +!
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    Paramount +

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    Paramount +

    CBS All Access will be relaunching as Paramount + next year.

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