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    Collin Hill will be starting QB for South Carolina vs Vols

    Neither was GA State.
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    'Clinical judgments' key in college football contact tracing

    So basically, once again, the bow tie wearing “administrators” are inserting themselves in ways that hurts the football program that other SEC programs aren’t having to deal with? I can see why Pruitt is pissed that we are playing by a different set of rules.
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    '21 JUCO RB Tiyon Evans (Tennessee Commit)

    Do we have any room left in this class?
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    So to confirm no Cade Mays?

    Perhaps, but they aren’t going to leave anything to chance. They have Bama and UGA to protect.
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    So to confirm no Cade Mays?

    He won’t be cleared until after the UGA game. The SEC is in full protection mode.
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    Looks like TE Vol Commit Hudson Wolfe season is over?

    The Tennessee curse, apparently.
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    Who will be the qb this year?

    JG, for no other reason than Bailey didn’t get the benefit of Spring practice and missed some time this Fall with a COVID quarantine, and Maurer has been hampered with a hamstring injury. This is it. This is JGs time to shut us all up and prove his mettle. Will he do it? For all our sake, I...
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    ESPN the lost Network

    Good lord. Were you literally holding the pot and kettle while typing this out?
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    JG talking his level of Comfort for 2020

    Exactly. Why not stack 8 in the box when you know the QB can’t and won’t stretch the field?
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    ESPN the lost Network

    Exactly right. It comes from the same place as the coaches who “marched” with their players. Check a box as an outward “don’t hurt me” sign.
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    ESPN the lost Network

    Come on, guy. You act like this started recently. It did not. ESPN has been in the political activism game for a while now. Let’s not pretend otherwise.
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    ESPN the lost Network

    I’ve always liked Herbstreet, but that was performance was pathetic.
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    ESPN the lost Network

    Opinions are fine, but the activism is destroying their brand and ratings.
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    JJ not making the 53 squad

    The NFL only cares about the measurables. Both are “too slow” by NFL standards, so they get lost in the shuffle.
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    '21 Nashville OT William Parker commits to the Vols!

    That offer list says it all. Great get at a position of need.

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