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    Who has fallen the most?

    UT and I don’t even think it’s particularly close. But I would agree we have the resources and facilities to recover. Nebraska doesn’t.
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    Other coaches view Pruitt as lifelong DC

    JG is a gym class hero.
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    Smoke Monday JG Quote

    This is exactly right. JG isn’t asked to do anything sophisticated. HB should have been playing since Kentucky. Think about how much farther along he would be.
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    What happens if Harrison Bailey transfers out after this year.

    He won’t transfer if Freeze is his next coach. If Pruitt fires Chaney after the season, there will be no OC of substance that will take the job knowing Pruitt is a dead man walking, so he will hire some no-name. I could see Bailey bailing of that happens.
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    It’s just not fun anymore

    I feel sorry for the fans.
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    Smoke Monday JG Quote

    Sounds like he would never pick off JG is practice though.
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    Some thoughts on the season (looking back)

    I’m always fascinated to come to Volnation to get a Florida fan’s perspective on how our season is going.
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    Can we acknowledge a bad coaching hire may have been made?

    Good grief; go away.
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    Our offensive strategy...when something works, stop doing it.

    He looked so awkward standing in the pocket like a statue before throwing that ball. I bet he thought he was looking tough by just standing there.
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    Kicking game

    The kicker has resembled the rest of the team this year. He sucks.
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    Smoke Monday JG Quote

    Favorite Christmas movie. At least we have that to look forward to.
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    Smoke Monday JG Quote

    Casey was such a competitor. He rarely made a catastrophic mistake and put the ball where the playmakers could make a play. God I miss those days.
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    Is there something going on in Knoxville

    Mike Hamilton happened to us.
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    Crompton and Stanley nails it

    I need to get some of both.

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