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    Miami (OH) @ Kentucky

    Ky's offensive line looked awful for the first half of this game. Hopefully that's just a product of the inexperience they have there and can improve through the season. They have some true freshmen there replacing the experience they lost last year.
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    Don't overlook this week's game.

    Everyone is talking about the upcoming UK game and how UT should rest their players this week and let them heal up. But I say don't overlook this week's game. Sure, Alabama is no Kentucky but they are pretty tough. If you take this game for granted they will sneak up on you and send UT home...
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    #11 Kentucky (6-0,4-0) @ #1 Georgia (6-0,4-0) 3:30 PM CBS

    I don't think anyone is beating Georgia this year but I will be sitting in front of the tv full of hope at the start of the game. Please be gentle Georgia.
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    12 Team CFP

    I like it a lot
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    SEC Not Looking So Good

    Auburn and Florida laid eggs but otherwise everyone has taken care of business so far. Some pretty close and fun games to watch. 6-2 with the championship game to go.
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    UK @ #1Bama (4:00 ET SEC Network)

    Bama's offense is truly impressive this year. Their receivers are ridiculous. I think Ole Miss showed you have to have a good offense to keep up with them. It doesn't matter what your defense looks like if you are going 3 and out every time.
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    #23 Cats vs #8 Tiggers

    Kentucky probably finds a way to screw it up anyways but the ref defended touchdown right before half changed the game quite a bit. If Kentucky went into the 4th up 20-15 instead of down they probably don't try and fail on 4th down to give a short field. At least they'd have covered the spread.
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    Cal gets lifetime contract.

    You don't get a bigger trophy for winning with 3 stars.
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    Cal gets lifetime contract.

    And Barnes didn't even make the final four with Durant who most would put above AD. Having good players helps but it's not everything. It takes players, coaching, and luck to win a championship. Discounting a championship because the team had a good player seems silly. The last 10 years...
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    UCLA offers John Calipari $8 Million Per Year

    I wonder what the details of the deal were from UCLA... Calipari was compensated 9.2 million this year at Ky. I guess there are a few message board trolls or rivals wanting him to leave but who would they hire to do better? He's been there 10 years and has been to the sweet 16 in 8 of them...
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    S.E.C. East Championship Game, Cats vs Dogs

    A testament to Mark Stoops but also to having a good group of seniors develop under a consistent coaching staff year after year. They are going to be calling for Gran's head though with just how poorly the offense has been. You just can't be one dimensional this far into the season and expect...
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    How much impact did the overseas trip this summer have?

    I definitely think the overseas trips help get you kickstarted and build chemistry. I think it's especially helpful for younger teams. The last time Kentucky did it was the 38-1 year. They'll be eligible to do it again next year.
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    Holy Drexel!

    I remember that game. UK was down 31 and came back. That one went into overtime but Drexel not only came back but took the lead in this game with time left.

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