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    Nominations for the new Heupel offense

    It'll be better than the spread offense, how about calling it Super Spreader! ;) I'll see myself out....
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    2012 Vols Where Are They Now

    Once again, NO SIR EEE, thank you for doing these.
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    2012 Vols Where Are They Now

    Carson Anderson gets my vote for the most interesting career landing spot, managing director for a fireworks company in Hong Kong. I literally had to read that one twice.
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    1991 Vols Where Are They Now

    Little Man Stewart was one of my favorite Vols of all time and an incredibly nice guy too.
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    2008 Vols Where Are They Now

    I love these threads, thank you for taking the time to do them.
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    LB Beasley Under Investigation

    200 plus lb. linebacker abusing a probably 10 lb kitten, I hope they press charges. I have a huge problem with animal, child or elderly abuse.
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    2021 things

    The Chancellor has already said that the Fall semester will return to the traditional format of in class teaching and attendance so I would think that would bode well for fan attendance at the games in the fall. As for Spring practice, I would imagine that Covid protocols from the past season...
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    Harrison Bailey?

    Whoever decides to hit the portal is running out of time, UT starts classes tomorrow. They still probably have a few days of flexibility but the time frame is tight.
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    Counzo? Yes, we should've got out the big check book and kept him.
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    Counzo? Yes, we should've got out the big check book and kept him.
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    Any chance of cancelation?

    Just call the ticket office in the morning at (865)656-1200 although I seriously doubt the event will be postponed or cancelled since Arkansas is probably already in Knoxville for the game.
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    '20 TN WR AJ Davis

    Davis' grandfather is the best player to ever come out of Blount County, no exceptions. After high school he signed with Tennessee but I think grades might've kept him out so he went to Tennessee State and played running back with the Philadelphia Eagles after his college career concluded...
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    Tosh Lupoi

    But he's not, Dale Inman is, he has 8 Cup championships.
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    Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge: Programs that should be pleased

    In the early 90's Primus opened for Fishbone on campus at Alumni Gym. Great show!
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    I Lost Her

    Mr. Duncan, those beautiful words you wrote describe the beautiful lady that you married and that beautiful family that the two of you raised. Thankfully, she's in no more pain. I pray for God to comfort you and your family and for you to see your wife's beauty each and every day in unexpected...

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