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    Heupel on Music City Bowl…..

    Why is someone with the screen name hokie coming on our board trying to stir up trouble? Not gonna end well for them. And he/she (guessing he) has been a member since 2010! I guess it's because the programs are headed in different directions. Tennessee has an upward trajectory, Virginia Tech...
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    Bowl Ticket Prices

    I think it's no contest to the atmosphere in Neyland, especially when Tennessee is competitive. However, the padded seats with armrests in Nissan stadium is a lot more comfortable.
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    Come on Heup. 43-38-8

    I don't want Alabama, Florida, Georgia taken off the schedule. I want to see Tennessee put the pieces in place to be equal to them. I want to see games where the outcome is not decided by halftime. I want to see Tennessee even the record against Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Realistically...
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    Oklahoma Names Venables as New Head Coach

    Hmm, you may be right.
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    Oklahoma Names Venables as New Head Coach

    I must admit, I had high hopes when Fulmer hired Pruitt. His career numbers as a DC was impressive and at the time, I thought Fulmer was serious about getting Tennessee back to relevance. In hindsight, the debacle that was the Pruitt tenure, seems to have been a backdoor attempt to reclaim the...
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    A View from Big Ben: Napoleon and Hooker, Oklahoma's turn, Cincinnati no thanks

    I agree for the most part, but as for Cincinnati, I honestly think they have earned the right to be a part of the playoff. Their SOS may not be great, but they have done what they were supposed to do to make it in. Maybe they get blown out in the first match up, but at least the system worked as...
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    We played 3 championship weekend teams

    If Heupel can access the transfer portal effectively and bring in some immediate help, plus pull in some of the higher rated recruits for the next class, the situation on the hill can be flipped a lot quicker. Big if, but the evidence is there for recruits and transfers to see what he can do...
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    '19 VA WR Tayvion Robinson (Va Tech Transfer)

    Yeah. I was watching the video and the thought in my mind was, "this kid reminds me of Velus Jones Jr. Seems like it would be a great get.
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    This reporter now looks pretty stupid

    I think AD White did everything he could to hire a splash coach, but after being turned down by all he spoke with, he knew Heupel would be a safe hire, since they already had a relationship at UCF. I admire Heupel, if for no other reason, he was willing to come to a university where the program...
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    Coach Change Chaos!

    I hope coach Heupel stays, but in the big picture, I changed jobs a few times in my working career. Either an opportunity to improve my earnings for the benefit of my family, or discontent at a company for whatever reason. I stayed at my last job 20 years then retired. A Fortune 500 company...
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    Putting 7-5 season in perspective

    Lost to Georgia. Led most of the game, really played a good game.
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    Can we recruit top defensive players?

    A stout defense that can shut down the opposing offense will get off the field almost as quickly as a high powered offense that scores quickly. Depth on both sides of the ball is critical, we don't have the numbers on either side of the ball that are needed. Georgia and Alabama in the SEC...
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    We'll learn fast what Danny White is made of......

    I would think that if Stoops is the AD at Oklahoma, considering the way he parted ways with Heupel, it might not be an attractive situation for him in Norman. As is said, money talks and BS walks. I hope Heupel is happy in Knoxville and sees a bright future here.
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    Miltons future?

    Mark Wohlers comes to mind.
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    Bad Day for Tennessee transfers

    Just out of curiosity, in the university's disclosures to the NCAA, would they have to name the players they knew in fact took money, how much, and the source? In light of the firing of Pruitt and staff, should the transferring players have to sign an affidavit at the school they transferred to...

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