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    They were not going to award a man or anyone not of a certain persuasion . . . . It should have been Bill Blair or CKH. GBO
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    The Official #17 Tennessee vs Georgia State Weekend Series Thread (Game 1 Friday @ 5:30PM) (Game 2 Saturday @ 3PM) (Game 3 Sunday @ 1PM)

    All I ask for is that our bats start in the first inning rather than the fifth or sixth innings!! GBO - beat the Panthers!!
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    Well, we do actually but we're not allowed to say the reason out loud . . . . If you do, you will be labeled, vilified and then "canceled" into purgatory without any hope of redemption. Com'on man! GBO - beat whomever the heck we play - baseball, softball, basketball . . . just beat them all!
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    Pick'em Points Update 3/2/2021

    Middle of the pack . . . I gotta chance!!! LOL :cool: GBO
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    Funny Ekeler article

    CME appears to be a high energy guy that loves teaching football fundamentals and technique . . . what we have been missing for several years!! Refreshing! GBO
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    Seed List

    The title of this thread had me excited about preparing my garden . . . . Opps . . . GBO
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    Ekeler on coaches being labeled as "great recruiters"

    FTR, if you read the articles on this topic carefully you will find that the tattoo was a " two week tattoo" hence temporary, per Ekeler. GBO
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    Pick'em - Georgia State - 3/5-3/7

    2 - 1 GBO
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    Met Coach Anderson After The Game . . .

    We met Coach Anderson after the Austin Peay baseball game this evening, he was very gracious with his time talking to my 13 and 10 year old. He signed my son's hat and my daughter's sweatshirt. @DOCTORLOOMIS, we added to our collection! LOL
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    The Official #17 Tennessee @ Austin Peay Midweek Game Thread (5:30PM First Pitch)

    Here are a few pictures from today's game:
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    The Official #17 Tennessee @ Austin Peay Midweek Game Thread (5:30PM First Pitch)

    @YankeeVol, it was great meeting you at the game!

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