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    Jeremy Banks Tweet

    Your metaphor was excellent and funny as hell!
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    What would you say to CJP before Saturday's Game

    Aight, OKay, cornbread. See coach we speak the same language.
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    What will attendance at Vanderbilt game be like?

    I think the game will be near capacity. We are wanting to stomp Vandy a new one. The last few years are the exception with Vandy. We will dominate them again.
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    This ain't 2018....

    I hear you brother!
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    Jauan Jennings not named as a Biletnikoff Award Semifinalist.

    You put JJ on any team able to throw consistently and he would lead in most categories. The kid is incredibly competitive. With average speed but an incredible first move he creates separation and wins almost every 50/50 ball. Lastly, he is very hard to bring down.
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    Jabari "Juice" Davis who?

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    You cannot question this fan base’s love for our vols

    One hit wonder? LOL! The dude was a superstar at one point. One of the top selling artists of all time.
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    You cannot question this fan base’s love for our vols

    Actually he’s a Oklahoma State guy. I was living outside of Stillwater and used to watch him at a college bar there. He played rock under a different name. A few years later he’s a star.
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    Tua Injured against MSU

    Exactly. Same type injury. If the trabeculae is damaged and the blood supply disrupted then it's not good. Currently they are calling it bruised and only time will reveal the true extent of the injury. Prayers for the young man. Edit: I just saw it was a posterior wall fracture. That’s...
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #20 Washington Game Thread, 5:00 PM ET, ESPN+

    Remember, last year during the season, TN got to number one! After losing almost all of the starters, is TN as good as last year? Of course not but by early season results are they a top 25 team? Absolutely! Great job by Barnes and staff managing the roster.
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    Fulmer Responds to Geno

    So a kid should be able to transfer anytime they want for any reason, according to some of you, without any restrictions. That’s a good way to set someone up for failure in life. When it gets hard or seems unfair or whatever reason, just quit and go somewhere else. No commitment and no...
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    No hussel

    No it makes me right. Snowflake response. Telling the truth makes someone an A-hole huh? He was being dishonest and an education is important. Sorry those facts hurt your feelings.
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    No hussel

    That is some weak stuff right here.
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    No hussel

    LOL! Perfect!

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