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    I am extremely satisfied with Coach Huepel

    If we make it to a Florida bowl game, I’m there. We have done that about five times recently and it’s so fun with the warm weather.
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    Tiyon Evans needs to be the feature back.

    Evans is a game changer. Best back on our team.
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    Can you teach a QB touch???

    QBs with bigger arms have to work harder for this. However, it can be taught through drills. That’s why you see the trash can drill where a QB works on making it in the trash can in the corner of the end zone. It requires touch. Often finishing the throw with more wrist at the end helps. Some...
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    The Overthrows (Game Film)

    I think IF Milton can fix the extreme overthrows, he can still be a decent QB for us. Rewatched the game and generally, he improved on throwing it on time and threw with accuracy on shorter to mid-range throws. I’m not sold on Hooker yet, except for being a great runner. Harrison Bailey...
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    Harrison Bailey

    Whoever it is, we need a QB that can throw the ball well…period. At a school with a big program like Tennessee, we don’t need a rec league approach with a QB that mostly runs and can’t throw well. When we finally get a good passer, Tennessee can finally go in the right direction. It has been a...
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    Dining pre-game outside of Knoxville to avoid crowds...

    I was not that impressed with the burger last time. I do like their steamed sandwiches.
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    Basilio blog saying no Evans or Young for Pitt.

    I think Evans is the best back from what I saw Saturday. Hopefully we can get him back soon.
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    Tyler Bray on taking money and fighting with Dooley

    Tyler Bray had a few bad moments, but he had one of the most naturally talented arms we have seen in awhile. His stats were really good in almost every game and we put up a bunch of points with him. The main reason we did not win was because of lack of defense and well…Dooley. With Kiffin...
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    Pitt fan here

    Welcome and enjoy your time in Knoxville. Good analysis. This game will tell us a lot more about our team as well. The Pitt pass rush could be a big difference maker since our QB held the ball a little extra last game. Get in the stadium in time to see pre-game and especially running through...
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    Cellphone Connectivity

    I have Sprint and it was not good inside the stadium.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Bowling Green Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Same issue with Milton on that deep ball. Release it 10 yards before and it’s a TD. Trying to show off his arm too much or something because he’s still holding it.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Bowling Green Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Milton is obviously holding the ball WAY too long. The guys are open and he is trying to be too flashy or unsure, so holding onto it.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Bowling Green Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Offense for Bowling Green looks really good. Taking advantage of wheel routes down the sideline with the RB and wing back.
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    ESPN did not hesitate to make a crack at Tennessee today on GameDay

    Just stating a fact. We deserved it and the truth hurts, so it’s up to our team to change the narrative.
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    Decibel Record

    I get that, but I’m more tired of our best moments being over a decade ago. Let’s break a new record every week.

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