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    No reason to believe Jeremy Pruitt can fix Tennessee

    No reason to believe Jeremy Pruitt can fix Tennessee
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    Auburn’s ban is brilliant, but NCAA might not buy it
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    If tennessee gets beat, what will the excuse be?

    espn announcers
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    Freak's Friday night before the Auburn game, admittedly off topic thread

    face timed with grandsons watched purdue get robbed
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    Is your apathy at an all time high???

    prozac doesnt help
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    Game Day poll

    if it hadn.t been for Sam Howell, i would have never thought about the football Vols
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    Coronavirus (No politics)

    number of cases hit new high in bamaland movie theater decided to open
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    Disturbing Kroger in Hendersonville

    only time I see orange in bamaland is Halloween
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    Article on John Fulkerson

    Blure Ribbon lives up to its name. Noticed that author has Vols rated fifth.
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    Trevor Daniel starting for the Titans tonight!

    hope that doesnt cost him a job
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    Worst Loss of the JP Era

    i remember watching the chattanooga loss
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    '21 MD DT Marcus Bradley

    bet tech bends the bar as much as dukies do in bball
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    Would you Sacrifice Basketball for Football?

    NO, I'm in Bamaland, and we gotta be better at something
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    Where were you when

    In Alabama, at home, Son was back at school in Memphis ,and several family members were in Tempe . Only game I could attend that wonderful year was title game in Atlanta. Still had low expectations when season started.

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