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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson (Alabama commit)

    5 star Drake Maye committed Bama last year and ended up at UNC. Better chance to flip than at Clemson.
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    Vols flip Gooch from AUB!

    Gooch was probably pissed that there wasn’t any Big Macs in the bag.
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    '21 GA RB Cody Brown

    Will he be the 1st high school player to enter the portal before he even goes to college.
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    Cody Brown in transfer portal

    Does the portal work for high school players.
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    No worse than offering it to Washington. In all the years he has spent at the New England playing plus the 2 years of coaching I would bet he understands defense as much as Washington.
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    Al Washington (Potential DC)

    If you are going to offer 1.5 million a year to a position coach to be your DC why would you not offer it to Mayo.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    My son committed to Maryville College today. He is going to do a 3/2 there. He will get a degree at Maryville and Tennessee in engineering with what he wants to do.
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    The Official #11 Tennessee @ Kentucky Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Glad I stopped watching. When the game is changed by the Refs and it’s about them it’s not worth watching.
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    Post your coaching pick

    Dream Kiffin Wish Satterfield because I’m a App st fan to.
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    Matt Campbell (Iowa State)

    Do you want a coach that might leave for the NFL. If you compare records with somebody like Scott Satterfield its no better. In 2016 and 2017 App with Satterfield coaching beat Toledo 31-28 and 34-0 in a bowl games which would of been Campbell players that he recruited to Toledo.
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    Pruitt replacement speculation article

    Wish we could hire 3.
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    To’o To’o, Crouch, Gray and Johnson enter the transfer portal

    Now this is awesome Lees-McRae. How in the world to you know about LMC Bobcats. They haven’t had football since the 90s
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    Harrison Bailey?

    That tweet is from January 4th so do you have a update since Pruitt got fired yesterday.
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    Rodney Garner may be next

    This was AP last night.
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    Henry T staying...

    I can’t believe any coach got fired this year. This wasn’t a normal year for College football. No spring ball, players missing practice and games. Not a normal year for recruiting for D1 schools unless you are a D2,D3,or a NAIA school. My son has got to visit some D3 schools.

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