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    Vols Picked 4th in SEC, UK Picked to Win SEC

    Media Picks Kentucky to Win 2022 SEC Title No 1st or 2nd team All SEC seems odd to me, but I guess it makes sense considering our best player is a true freshman, and Fulky wasn't himself last season. Also, lol at picking Kentucky to win the SEC. And weird that a Vandy player is preseason SEC POY.
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    KenPom Dropped

    Saw a stat on Twitter from one of the basketball media folks I follow that said the last 5 (4 maybe?) national champions have been ranked in the top 5 of the preseason KenPom rankings. So yeah, I think analytical models like KenPom tend to be more spot on at the higher end. But nothing is perfect.
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    Vols basketball ranked 18th in preseason AP

    Thought they might be closer to 16 or 15, but I'm not gonna squabble over a couple spots.
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    Major wingate passed away.

    Yeah I'm sure it's great to speculate about someone's death on a message board. Sure the family or someone would love to see that.
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    2022 Target List

    How many axes and ax grinders does Basilio own? That's the real question lol
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    ‘21 NY PG Zakai Zeigler (Tennessee Signee)

    Zeigler's overall defense might struggle right now, but I have a feeling it will get a lot better in a year or two. He just has that attitude that coaches love. He's absolutely driven and takes on any obstacle in his way. Plus, I'd also say he's more of a "pesky" defender right now than a...
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    2022 Target List

    Definitely gonna be the guys in Big Orange, obvs. Lol
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    2022 Target List

    Didn't see a specific thread for him, so I apologize if there is one and I just missed it, but Jett Howard is announcing his commitment on October 13th.
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    2022 Target List

    Ooooh that would be nice if it did
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    ‘22 FL SF Dillon Mitchell

    For comparison, Rick Barnes won 2 different National Coach of the Year awards in 2019 and is a 6x conference coach of the year (once in CAA, 4 times in Big 12, once in SEC)
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    ‘22 FL SF Dillon Mitchell

    Wow, yeah I was shocked to see that. But yeah, he turned 73 in August. Looks like only 1 National Coach of the Year award in 1995, but he's a 5x conference coach of the year (twice in Big East, 3 times in ACC)
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    ‘22 FL SF Dillon Mitchell

    They've made an Elite 8 in 2018 and got to the Sweet 16 in all the other NCAATs since then. They've had 7 NBA Draft picks in the last 3 drafts, including 4 1st rounders and 3 of those are lottery picks.
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    I've never wanted a recruit more than Wallace just for the simple fact that there would be so much egg on the faces of these Kentucky media folk that Humpty Dumpty would blush
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    BasketVols in the NBA

    The 80s might've had more in the NBA at one time, not sure. You had Bernie and Ernie drafted in 1977, Reggie Johnson in 1980, Howard Wood in 1981, and Dale Ellis in 1983, and a few other guys were drafted in between too. Not sure about how undrafted free agents worked back then.

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