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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman

    Nice, thanks!
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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman

    Anyone? Scoop: The latest on FSU WR commit after his visit to Tennessee
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Post a pic of yourself, then. I bet you are a physical specimen for someone your age.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Fake Twitter account, in case anyone hasn't actually said
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    Dave Ubben tweet on Eric Gray

    Think you're looking into that tweet way too much there. I didn't take it as Ubben trying to "stick it to Tennessee" at all in that tweet. It's just a statement of fact.
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    '18 TN OL/DL Cade Mays (Transfer)

    This is interesting (sorry if already posted). Doesn't give a ton of details about Cade's actual case, but Tom Mars provided a really good interview here. Inside the waiver process after Cade Mays transferred to...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Well, yesterday was fun. Got a feeling today will be too!
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    Only week 1!

    13-5 the rest of the way seems like a pipe dream, agreed. I would 100% take 10-9.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Makes sense. IU is like in the top 10 in the country in 1st quarter/1st half points, and UT has had several slow starts this season.
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    This is incredible.
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    '20 GA OT Broderick Jones (UGA commit)

    Could be getting an OV from him per 247 VIP Nugget: Vols could get official visit from five-star
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Dang, must be nice up in that ivory tower of yours. Imagine logging on a forum just to bash people's livelihoods. Seem like a real winner in life.
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    Stat Breakdown TN-IU

    The article itself says as much
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    '20 LA ATH Trey Amos(Louisiana-Lafayette commit)

    Yeah, which is why I'm confused why they keep including him as a kid UT will go after

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