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    Vols v Michigan in Music City (Athlon)

    i thought we were getting a bowl ban?
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    Ranking the 57 SEC coaching hires since 1992 expansion

    Pruitt's 8-5 (5-3) season was way better than any of Dooley's season's. Derek Dooley's worst seasons were worse than Pruitt's worst as far as conference play goes. Dooley (1-7 & 0-7) Pruitt (2-8)
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    Why did Butch Jones get us so close, where Dooley and Pruitt didn't?

    Tennessee should've won, but was projected to lose.
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    Why did Butch Jones get us so close, where Dooley and Pruitt didn't?

    Just looking at the SEC, the east was weaker when Butch was coach than Pruitt. Their SEC record while at Tennessee: Butch 14-24 (58%) Pruitt 10-16 (62%) I will say that Butch took care of business in the non-conference games that they were supposed to win.
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    Crouch and maybe Henry T to go thru spring practice and evaluate

    Worst scenario they take up all the reps and then leave for another SEC team
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    6-4 Let that sink in

    Reminds me of our 2015 year
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    Lance Leipold (Buffalo)

    I'm aware he is a good coach. I think if he was that close to White, than White would've hired him at UCF when Frost left to Nebraska.
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    Official: Danny White hired as AD

    What's the connections?
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    Lance Leipold (Buffalo)

    I doubt that
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    Would you take David Cutcliffe?

    Let's go ahead and get Fulmer, Cut, and Chavis all back
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    OUCH Pruitt a poor man's Butch??

    I remember Butch losing all the conference games his last year and squeaking by Georgia Tech and UMass. Our worst record ever
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    2010s All Decade Team

    I made a couple of changes since I originally posted this. I'd like to see what others come up with. WR and LB were the toughest to pick.
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    Relax. Maurer may not be hurt at all.

    I should've used blue font

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