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    Which game are you most excited for this season?

    Feels like Mizzou will be an extremely key game. I look forward to watching a W on the road following the FL trip.
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    If you could change any UT football game outcomes that we could have/should have won, what would they be?

    Easy Peasy: 2001 LSU ... took out their starting QB and look who showed up.
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    We get a decent defense i see a Natty in 3 to 4 years

    I seem to remember the success of the "prowler" defense with three down linemen and four linebackers constantly moving up and down the line. I don't know the tech of defense, but I do remember it giving offenses like Miami fits. This was certainly not the right call in key situations, but the...
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    Heupel vs last 3 hires

    Hype the Heuple People ! ! !
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    Multiple Level 1 Violations Discovered

    The perverbial beginning of the end.
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    Multiple Level 1 Violations Discovered

    We haven't had that spirit here since 1969
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    Pruitt Frustrated By Lack of Support

    I wish Bruce Pearl knew something about football.
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    Poll: Does anyone actually believe Pruitt will be successful at UT?

    I mean, really, how long can we continue to try and find a "trophy coach" without the tools to attract one? It's like we're a nerd in HS. JP has a great defensive mind, IMHO. If he can manage to complement his shortcomings with surrounding staff, we might get somewhere. A great recruiter from...
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    How far have we fallen...

    ... and the dead horse keeps galloping through the mountains.
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    I think inertia comes into play, but we did this

    There were times that our guys knew they could line up and beat ANYBODY.
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    3 wins gets us to a Bowl game.

    "If we can pull one out over a struggling Vandy" .... says it all.
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    Anybody having a difficuilt time getting excited about UT football?

    That actually made for a pretty exciting movie (Unstoppable) with Denzel... Anyway... [[[ Bleak Mode On ]]] I'm nearly 70 and this year sucks. Tired of election, COVID and UT losing, as we all are. I remember being electrified beyond anything on fall Saturday's. I also recall the wife saying...

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