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    most overrated vols

    I'll throw a hot take out there. We've really overrated Inky Johnson's as a player. I remember being frequently frustrated by him being beat semi-regularly on long passes. That may also have been a product of Chavis-ball failing to adjust to the spread. With that said, he is an amazing person...
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    A collection of untold Mike Ekeler stories

    Then there was the time he played for Bill Snyder and was asked what the coach was like. Maybe the most epic CFB troll moment of the 90s.
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    Auburn transfer CB Kamal Hadden to the Vols!!

    Did anyone read his personal story? Absolutely amazing stuff. If he succeeds at Tennessee, he is going to inspire a lot of people. Kamal is a guy to root extra hard for.
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    Help me understand Coach Josh Heupel...

    You all are going to laugh, but I see it a bit like Meyer replacing Zook in Gainesville. Meyer and Heupel were/are offense-minded guys with success in the non Power 5 who are bringing their own semi-unique offensive system to the SEC (where the systems are untried) They both replace failed...
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    Worst single play

    That one seriously hurt. I angrily slammed a door in my house and the knob punched a hole in the drywall. Very uncharacteristic for me. My girlfriend at the time comes up stairs and has a meltdown assuming I had placed money on the game (something i've never done and never will for any sport)...
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    Geno Hayes

    That's sad. I was living in Gibbs and met him when he was on his official visit (it was only a weekly or two before NSD). He was a very nice/polite kid from what I remember.
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    Not so fast! (on Joe Milton)

    I think he is trolling. The fact he mentioned Pullman is the giveaway. Obviously a shot at JG (which should endear him to teammates who didn't have a positive opinion his possible predecessor).
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    Daniel Bethel - Rumored Kicker commitment

    Brunch at the Refectory? A quick trip to MicroCenter? I stick mostly to the westside myself.
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    Get over to the baseball board, folks.

    The Diamond Vols were great during my undergrad years as well. Luke Hochaver, JP Arencibia, Julio Borbon and James Adkins were all great guys. JP now does color and in stadium reporting during Marlins games.
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    CBS: Heupel Among "Top 10 Coaches Under 45"

    CBS: Heupel Among "Top 10 Coaches Under 45" Nice little write-up. Lincoln Riley and Ryan Day top the list.
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    NCAA First Round: The Official #5 Tennessee vs. #12 Oregon State Game Thread, 4:30 ET, TNT

    Like most of our non-freshman, Fulk also took a major step back this year. I'm not sure this game would have played out any different with him in.
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    NCAA First Round: The Official #5 Tennessee vs. #12 Oregon State Game Thread, 4:30 ET, TNT

    I'm not sure he managed to get us ready for a single game this season. He has a track record so he gets a pass (especially with the COVID stuff), but another season of this dreck and he'll be looking at retirement with Kim English ready to step up.
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    NCAA First Round: The Official #5 Tennessee vs. #12 Oregon State Game Thread, 4:30 ET, TNT

    Anyone think we will ever get an explanation for what happened to Yves Pons? Did a parent die just before game time? He has looked live he is in a completely different world all game. Several times the ball was headed right toward him and he was looking away.
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    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    After a game like this you have to ask what exactly Rick Barnes does so well. If it's promoting a family atmosphere for players that's fine, but it certainly didn't help any this season.
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    NCAA First Round: The Official #5 Tennessee vs. #12 Oregon State Game Thread, 4:30 ET, TNT

    Got to start bodying players. If they are going to call tick tack fouls one-way... they need to be worth it.

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