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    Lady Vols BBall recruited volleyball players

    She can't coach what she has
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    LV guards

    What good would they do. It's obvious she is in over her head. NO BLOCKING OUT VERY LITTLE DEFENSE A COACH THAT LOOKS LOST ON THE BENCH We were exposed at every position on the court and she used the first timeout with 2:08 in the 4th quarter. When she said the girls needed to figure it out...
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    Game Thread: #25/RV LADY VOLS VS. #16/18 TEXAS A&M

    She doesn't teach shot blocking. She also said in the post a week or so ago, when Uconn put us away in the third quarter that she didn't want to use a TO because it was good to let the girls figure it out. She also said in her interview on Monday night that they could not guard LSU because they...
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    Same Song Different Verse

    We have other players do the same but when they transferred or entered the WNBA they were fantastic
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    Same Song Different Verse

    How disappointing it is to loose a game because of defense and rebounding, the very thing that we should be winning with. I was only able to see highlights, but what I did see was the need for the COACHES,and I mean all of them to start teaching. We are the only team in the SEC that is unable to...
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    UT’s Final Six Regular Season Games

    One last question, What GOOD team have we beaten this year? None and it took a miracle to beat a below average Alabama team and you can already see the recruiting going down. Just saying
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    UT’s Final Six Regular Season Games

    I think you are probably correct about closing their eyes. Every team in the SEC has young girls and freshmen on their team. Why are we the only one that has not developed our players. We are moving down in the SEC instead of up and I think that will be the case until they are held responsible...
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    Lady Vols Turnovers - Nationally

    Your correct and by the way Who was our coach and what did she DEMAND?
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    Lady Vols Turnovers - Nationally

    It's not a matter of thinking Watch the game and see the results against the better teams in the SEC It is what it is
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    Lady Vols Turnovers - Nationally

    I'm sure he knows much more than you do about the game. NO turnover is good especially when they are unforced. We played a team tonight that below average and looked absolutely horrable on both ends. Sloppy passes, lazy passes, impossible passes well we had them all. Guards dribbling the ball in...
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    Lady Vols offense

    Well if they were playing their tails off with all those turnovers then someone is not doing their job. Trying to freeze the ball with almost 4 minutes resulting in 3 deep three's that never come close and a charge. That is not going to work most of the time
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    Noticed Kelly used other post players today and KK's minuets were reduced

    I thought McCoy showed how the post needs to be played. Some positive's to take from the game . I thought we were well prepared in the game. Rennia Davis continues to empress. Jordan Horston is getting better at not trying to make the impossible pass. A negative or two as well. We can't always...
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    Kellie’s media presser from earlier today (Saturday)

    Then why doesn't she use her timeouts to teach and coach, every winning coach in the women's game does, and some of that carelessness would stop
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    Lets think systematically about the T.O. problem

    I like your comments. I saw three or four times that Uconn got the ball from about 18 feet and our guard stood five feet away and invited her to shoot and she did and we see what happened. I think coach Harper has to DEMAND more and if she doesn't get it then the players pay the consequences...
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    Time OUT

    We saw that last year with that impostor and we are seeing it again this year.

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