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    Pruitt wouldnt survive a 1-7 record.

    They were high school players a year ago. What rock have you been under?
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    Pruitt wouldnt survive a 1-7 record.

    Thank You. I would like for anybody (even the stupid folks that comment, what coach could turn the program around in one year. Freshman have to learn. Between the transferring , being dismissed. injury, and early departure we are playing about half freshmen in the two deep. Give him a chance...
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    When We Lose to Chattanooga...

    Find me a coach that could win with 16 freshman playing, and then we need to hire them. People with nothing else to do but make stupid comments about firing the coach after losing two winnable games still does know much about football. Give the Coach a chance to bring the freshmen along . GOOD...
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    Is something "so Tennessee" going to happen this season?

    Well what I think about your comment is OH well just read between the lines
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    Shut up about recruiting, and listen

    Finally a few people that show some logic. If you had one or two freshman having to start you could mix them in and win on talent alone. You have over half the team playing as freshman. Give the man a chance and stop wanting to fire the coach, that is absurd. I agree we would be 2-0 with a...
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    UK and VU both looked horrid we can win 6

    The most negative bunch of fans I have ever see. Could the coaches call a better game plan, yes. The people that look at wins and losses without looking at the whole picture doesn't know much about football. How many teams are playing half freshmen. This is his second year and the first to have...
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    Whats really disturbing after this game

    Yes he is 100 percent right. He looks like a high school QB and not showing any signs of improving
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    Jarret Guarantano better than most vol fans think

    I agree 100 percent. He had plenty of time tonight to throw and missed at least two touchdowns by holding on to the ball. He is not an sec quarterback, and yes give JJ ALL of the credit for the two touchdowns
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    Poor coaching decisions

    You are correct. Throw the ball to a wide open Jennings standing in the end zone instead of holding it 3 seconds and that's an extra 4 points. The best play all night was getting wide, but on every 4th down that we tried for we ran up the middle. Every time that we need yards on third down, he...
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    Harper, Sullivan officially announced as assistants

    Yep that's the first thing that I thought would happen. Hire a coach that is unproven and then hire her husband as well, since he is a coach. I was hoping and hoping that she would get a top notch assistant and recruiter. I think we are living a fantasy world thinking that the University would...
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    Fulmer is in over his head...

    He has been in over his head since the last 2 or three years he tried to coach, ever wonder why he was never considered for a head coaching job
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    Russell Smith reporting Kellie Jolly-Harper has been hired

    He showed he was an idiot last year giving that joke of a coach an extension, now if this is true he shows his stupidity and also that he doesn't care about the Lady Vols
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    John Brice says

    You better hope it does because there is not another name mentioned that can help you. Fargas-failure at LSU failure Kelly Harper-fired at NC State Butler-fired at Florida. We should have just kept who we had if we are not going to consider someone with a little knowledge
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    Search For Lady Vols Basketball Coach

    If he had made the right decision we would not owe her 750,000 dollars. It was obvious to anyone that knew anything about basketball what type of a coach she was, she couldn't coach. Now that she is gone, you are hearing former players that certainly know how to win say the same thing. Instead...
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    My Lady Vols Staff

    Yea It sounds just like something we need is a coach that was fired at NC State, and has done very little in a conference that is no where close to the SEC. Give us a break and hire a proven Coach. Stop acting like an ignorant Athletic Director and do your job

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