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    '20 AR QB Jacolby Criswell

    Unless & until we get a better OL, it seems our QBs will have to run for their life on every play. So why not have a QB who can do so?
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs. West Virginia Game Thread, 4:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Been checking the score on my iPhone. Did Coach Barnes let Holly Warlick coach the 1st 10 minutes of the game? Just wondering.
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    Do our players know???

    Kinda like something being not quite right with the Titanic after it met the iceberg??
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    So, about that OC position.... (Merged)

    I’ve kept a tally of those rumored to be UT’s next OC and so far the only names not mentioned are Nick Saban and the late Pat Summit. Any others?
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    Is this a signature win?

    Defense wins games - who would have thought!
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    Pruitt talks offensive struggles

    I’m seeing the same pattern here on VN as I saw with Dooley & Jones. First year: “It’s the players’ fault! We’ll be great once we get better players.” Third year: “It’s the coaches’ fault! We’ll be great once we get better coaches!”
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    This is sad

    That is on the coaches - it's part of their job to get players excited about playing UT football. This might rank as one of the worst wins in the history of Tennessee football. Don't know what tickets for this game cost, but the coaches, players, and AD own the fans a sincerely apology.
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    We deserved to lose (Facts inside)

    One pattern you invariably see when a team is rebuilding, with a new coaching staff, is this: they win games few expected them to win, and then lose games the coulda, woulda, shoulda won. In 1964, Doug Dickey's 1st year as HC, the Vols were 4-2-1 after beating favored Georgia Tech, #7 in the...
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    The QB Debate.... Post Bama (merged)

    Fact or speculation?
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    I think Ty Chandler is ...

    Not even close.
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    Can you see the future volnation!

    UT hasn’t turned the corner. But I think we can see the corner.
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    Vast Improvement over last week

    That is a very foolish statement.
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    Helton a Joke of a Play Caller

    Why wait?

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