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    Realistically what’s the % Pruitt survives...

    A lot higher than everybody thinks
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    Josh Palmer quote on Harrison Bailey (could mean Bailey starts?)

    Thats code for JG is the starter
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    Tennessee Florida Game Time - 3:30 CBS

    Prime time ass whooping. Lol
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    Coach Cut

    I was hoping this was a thread about UT cutting Pruitt from the football program
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    Vandy weighs using female soccer player to kick

    I would be embarrassed for my daughter that she was used as a publicity stunt
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    What happens to our coaches if we lose our next game against Florida?

    Why would an expected loss make a difference? If they didn't do anything after the Kentucky and Arkansas losses, why the hell would they do anything now?
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    The myth of Pruitt being an elite recruiter

    In all fairness, did he not win recruiter of the year once?
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    I want Hugh Freeze (merged)

    My preferred landing spot is with Emma Watson
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    Coach Mike Leach

    Please enlighten me hemosabi
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    Coach Mike Leach

    He's not wrong
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    Coach Mike Leach

    Can Mods just block the dumb Leach threads. I see one every weekend
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    “That ain’t my job, guys”.

    He sucks at his job, so.......

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