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    Hyatt pro or not

    You again.
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    Hyatt pro or not

    Folks will get frustrated for me saying this...but right now his game won't completely translate to the NFL. He has great upside, but he hasn't proven himself to be an in-traffic receiver, NFL db's won't give him an inch off the line, and most of his td's were dependent on Heup's ability to get...
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    We should never play Bama again

    We don't schedule them. It's already done for us.
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    Dabo backpedaling now

    I'll bring the mustard.
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    Vols at #5 CFP tonight? Nope, they're #7

    if he is right....a new legend has been born.
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    Mizzou WR Dominic Lovett entering the portal

    We are those types.
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    Mizzou WR Dominic Lovett entering the portal

    I never said we have a problem. He is a fantastic player...especially as a freshman. He would be a wonderful addition. Chill my man. You're attacking for no reason at all.
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    ESPN Gameday didn’t discuss the Vols today

    I didn't discuss them either.
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    The Official #22 Tennessee vs. #3 Kansas Game Thread, 7:30 PM, ESPN

    Once again, and I say this as I sit across the couch from my beautiful Kansas bride, people have literally no clue what a hillbilly actually is. Mind blowing. Hill "Billies" were Yankees that moved to the mountains post-civil war. It was the name WE gave yanks who moved to the hills. How...
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    5-star DL Daevin Hobbs commits to UT

    welcome aboard.
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    I think I actually do want SC to beat Clemson this weekend

    SC has reached their mountain is barely higher than our lowest point. It is built on our lowest moment. They will shrink and we will rise. This is the way.
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    This has been a long week

    Yeah, I told my gamecock friend that this is as good as it will ever be for him. They are at that place where they celebrate ruining other teams seasons while still accomplishing nothing for themselves. That atleast made me feel a bit better.
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    Go Baylor!

    Let's go Bears!!

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