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    BaseVol Commit List (2018+)

    Wow. I think that is the second “younger brother” commit from the current team. Austin Hunley, RHP, Sean’s younger brother, committed a few months ago I believe. Keeping it in the family!
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    2021 Baseball Recruiting

    Agree. There will be many. There were several that turned down the free agent deals this year....
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    Unless something changes I would think Liam Spence will still be the SS and Rucker will stay at 3B.
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    2020 MLB Draft

    I’d say we may see a junior or two sign for that as well.
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    2021 Baseball Recruiting

    I saw him pitch in a HS JV game last spring. He was 83-84. That’s a huge difference in only about 14 months.
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    $/ Corona/eligibility

    No way a HS kid should ever do that, or a college kid that is coming back as a junior. The only ones that may take that deal are college seniors that would be coming back as a senior next year for their fifth year, already graduated, etc.
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    $/ Corona/eligibility

    I think we lose Crochet (obviously) as well as Soularie and probably Wallace in the 5 round draft. I agree Daniels is on the bubble for top 5 rounds.
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    $/ Corona/eligibility

    Yep. That’s right. 20 rounds is what I have been reading also. You will have all returning seniors that came back, all juniors that came back, all sophs that came back as sophs again but are now age eligible for the draft. Plus high school kids. And only 20 rounds. Gonna be a mess and as usual...
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    $/ Corona/eligibility

    Will be interesting to see which seniors come back, which guys get drafted and sign, etc...
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    $/ Corona/eligibility

    So financial aid can be reduced or taken away only for the seniors that would have exhausted eligibility this season. That will be interesting.
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    $/ Corona/eligibility

    Much different situation. Scouts saw players throughout the most recent season as usual. They also just had a combine. Nothing has changed for the NFL as far as player scouting. Signing bonuses may be affected. Only other variable for them is whether their season starts on time I guess and...
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    Soularie to NCAA

    If they cancel the season, wonder if the current games and stats will count as official records??
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    Kendall Rogers

    Yep. Family members only at S. Carolina this weekend.
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    Tennessee's Pitching Rotation

    My prediction: the rotation at South Carolina will not be the same rotation that we see halfway through the SEC schedule or at the end.
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    Kendall Rogers

    With the Big 10 now banning fans from’s just a matter of time I think. SEC and others will likely follow. This whole thing is unbelievable. Maybe I’m ignorant, but I think this is overblown. I’m not a doctor, but I did play one on TV....

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