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    Thoughts and Prayers needed

    Lifting you up in prayer brother. Daily Devotion: Sweet Hour of Prayer
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    My love letter to Tennessee (COMPLETE!)

    I have a copy the print of Neyland Stadium you did. I had it framed and matted, and really enjoy it. You are an amazing artist.
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    Aliens and UFO's- Is the truth out there?

    SOLVED... After years of mysterious sightings, we can now confirm... it is a mystery: UFO report reveals officials can't explain the mysterious sightings
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    Good or bad?

    AWESOME! Another addition to my list of common misused words: you’re - you are your – shows possession they’re – they are their – shows possession there – specifies a place we’re – we are were – past tense where – specifies a place it’s – it is its – shows possession then – a point in time than...
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    US Supreme Court Approves College Athletes payments

    Gorsuch made clear that the athletic organization can still enforce rules that forbid schools from paying students salaries or giving them outlandish gifts to lure them to their programs. "Under the current decree, the NCAA is free to forbid in-kind benefits unrelated to a student’s actual...
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    Memorial Day 2021

    There is no "Happy" in Memorial Day. Thank you to my fellow fallen Redlegs. To those that paid the ultimate price so others can be free. Until we meet again.
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    OOPS? Wrong leg amputated

    He contacted a lawyer, but the lawyer said he didn't have a leg to stand on.
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    Aliens and UFO's- Is the truth out there?

    Clearly done with a big giant diesel powered bandsaw with a water cooled, diamond tipped blade.
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    Aliens and UFO's- Is the truth out there?

    Possible UFOs spotted off Florida coast
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    Aliens and UFO's- Is the truth out there?

    Former Sen. Harry Reid thinks Lockheed Martin may have UFO fragments
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    What stuck out to you today?

    "Southeastern VFL said: Today didn't change nothing for anyone it don't look like. What everybody was feeling before the game good or bad is still be felt just a little bit more now. It's understandable tho until we see what we wanna see on the field then it is going to be this way. Everybody...
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    What stuck out to you today?

    Players played, and looked like they were having fun. I haven't seen that for a good while.
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    The WTF story of the Day

    YankeeVol might want to be on the lookout for a copy cat: Texas man drove BMW dealership loaner car to rob bank, tried to use stolen money to buy BMW | KXAN Austin

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