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    CFP Show implies Ohio State to Orange

    I don't think the Rose Bowl would select PSU over OSU if given half a choice. I am not sure who OSU is lobbying at this point. Even so, if the worse happens and we end up in Citrus, then the silver lining is that it makes for good motivation for the team to not screw around next year like they...
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    Peter Burns on Bama Being Ranked Above TN

    My math might be off, but it seems like something is not right.
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    Jeremy Banks

    Obviously he did something to stay home. But all the rumor mongering is ridiculous. The poster I responded to stated as a fact that Banks was stomping on the T. How likely do you believe it is that Banks was actively stomping on the T? It feeds into a broader narrative that is actually more...
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    Jeremy Banks

    There is exactly zero evidence that any of this happened, other than Banks being left home. We have no idea what happened and nothing that anybody has said even remotely verifies the events as you state them. Banks was stomping on the T? Really? Our fan base’s efficiency in villainizing our...
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    Jeremy Banks Comments

    This thread is like a microcosm of our society these days.
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    My Thoughts on the South Carolina Game, After Sleeping on it

    I agree. Each player is unique and are not robots programmed to their rankings. We made Bama's highly ranked safeties look like chumps. SC made our entire secondary look like chumps. Everybody wants to pretend that our secondary should be able to play above their talent level (note that I did...
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    Milton’s accuracy and velocity

    If we lose to Vanderbilt, it is very likely not going to be because of Joe Milton.
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    Milton moving forward

    Yeah, I am wondering if Milton can play corner, otherwise his performance is relatively inconsequential. Given a week with the ones and a trimmed down playbook, I think he’ll do fine.
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    What happened?? (Speculation encouraged)

    What happened? We got straight taken behind the woodshed. It wasn’t really that hard to comprehend. Beaten in every way possible. Stop trying to explain it away and accept that SC just embarrassed us. Don’t make it worse.
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    We will find out Tuesday!

    I agree, just win and let things play out.
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    We will find out Tuesday!

    I think KState will beat them and I think USC will drop at least one. What I worry about is that everybody seems to be falling for UNC at the moment and if they were to roll over Clemson in the ACC championship, there would be some push to get them in.
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    We will find out Tuesday!

    Lots of people are setting themselves up for disappointment. We lost, and in the process, we put our fate in the hands of other teams. I think we have a very good shot at getting in, but if we don’t, it’s nobody’s fault but our own. Having said that, even if we don’t make the CFP, it has been a...
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    How Do You Explain Such Improvement in Just Two Years?

    All of this, and I would add that possibly the most important factor is that teams that are successful tend to be those teams where the entire program, administration, coaches, staff, and players, are all aligned and rowing in the same direction. Too often in our past it was clear that our...
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    Let's be honest, CFB system is not being fair on Tennessee

    Still a lot of ball to be played yet. My gut feeling is that if we take care of our last 2 games, things will work out for us to get in. But I’m not sure it would be unfair for a one-loss conference champion to get in over us. Now if a two loss LSU got in over us, you could certainly raise an...

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