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    Kara Lawson can continue as UT Trustee

    Why not make Kevin Steele the Athletic Director at Tennessee why he is DC for Auburn? If people can't see a conflict of having a coach at another school sit on the board you are blind. It isn't a matter of if they would do something. It is a matter of having a coach at another school involved in...
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    '20 GA CB Kamar Wilcoxson (Florida commit x3)

    I heard the issue was going to be qualifying with grades. Florida is much easier to get into ever since they passed a 2.0 gpa requirement in 2010 by the FSHAA.
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    Black jerseys to be auctioned (merged)

    That is a huge load of bullsh!t.
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    Black jerseys to be auctioned (merged)

    I hope the players do read this thread. They need to know the money raised will not go to the cause they are wanting to support. Wouldn't you want to know you were being taken advantage of by a corrupt group posing as a legitimate cause?
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    Black jerseys to be auctioned (merged)

    I am sure most people want to do things to make the country better but you are not going to help your cause by donating to a group who is spending money on other things. Donating to BLM is like donating to the Kidney Foundation because you want to fight world hunger. It makes no sense. The money...
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    Black jerseys to be auctioned (merged)

    I wonder how happy the players would be not only to know they are raising funds for the DNC but that most of the money raised goes to white democratic party candidates?
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    Black jerseys to be auctioned (merged)

    That is how long each city has had a democrat mayor and been under democrat control.
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    Black jerseys to be auctioned (merged)

    I am willing to bet Pruitt is clueless as to where the money goes along with the players being clueless where the money actually goes. People simply see a cause and do no research. This is not going to go well for the university or the team if they do actually donate to ActBlue the democratic...
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    Are there 5 better stadiums in the SEC than Neyland?

    Ben Hill Griffin should be 14th just based on smell alone. It is horrible.
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    Upcoming vote whether to allow student-athletes back to campus on June 1 (merged)

    I think we should all just shut down the world and hide in closets for the rest of our lives. I mean living in fear is obviously the way to go these days. smdh
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    Strength Coach?

    They need to get Tom Myslinski.
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    Moving away to the Midwest

    I lived in Oahu years ago and you would be surprised at how many SEC fans live there. A lot from the military are from the south and they end up staying if they really like it.
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    Rivals: Is Pruitt recruiting better than Butch?

    The 14&15 classes had a grand total of 1-5* player out of 60 players signed. If Pruitt keeps this class together with the players we are suppose to get on the 10th we will almost be where those best Jones classes were.

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