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    Bowl is not over yet

    Would you prefer to go to a game when it could be 28 degrees and snowing or 70 degree so no sunny?
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    Bowl is not over yet

    We own KY
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    Nkamhoua reminds me......

    I I think he is already ahead of where GW was as a freshman. If he works as hard as Grant did I think he'll actually end up possibly being a better player than Grant was. Heard to imagine but I think he has more upside
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    BTO’s Florida A&M postgame report

    Hard game to watch. Poor announcers tried to talk about everything but the game just to keep the audience interested. My biggest concern is Bowden and Turner offensive woes. They are both missing a lot of " open" looks from beyond the arc
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    The Official #21 Tennessee vs. Florida A&M Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Don't see JJJ being much of an impact on offense this season. Barnes going to have to work his magic with his shot
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    The Official #21 Tennessee vs. Florida A&M Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Good thing we're not playing a real team tonight. This is ugly basketball. Hard to watch.
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    Marcus Tatum has entered the transfer portal

    Takes more than just size and weight to be a good lineman
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    Marcus Tatum has entered the transfer portal

    Wishful thinking, but I can't find any reason for him to stay another year?
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    Tyler Byrd

    Fils-Aime redshirted and will be back next season
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    The 3 good and bad of UT Men’s Basketball currently

    Agree, This team will win because of its defense. They're not going to win games because of their offense. As long as they play hard defense,, they'll be in most games but I do worry about fatigue setting in with not much bench depth
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    Only 8 FBS teams in the country...

    We have beaten 3 bowl teams ( UK, UAB and MSU). Not elite teams but not chopped liver either
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    Interesting comment by Pruitt during his postgame press conference

    Hope this means we see Jeremy Banks back in orange next season
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    JJ do better man

    Agree, If you were at the game, you could see, Vandy was doing everything they could to start something. They were hitting and pushing after the plays were dead and getting in our players faces. Several times I thought the officials should have thrown a flag on them. They play dirty and JJ is...
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    A Welcome Arrival: Room to Run

    Our O line has definitely improved , however, when you have a dynamic RB that hits the holes and has great vision, they make it easier on the O line. I said earlier in the season that Gray was our best RB. Why he barely received any action in the middle of the season is a mystery ? Reminds me...
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    The Official #17 Tennessee vs. #20 VCU Game Thread, 4:00 PM ET, TBD

    That was awesome. Even though many fans already knew Tenessee had won, the replay of Turners 3 on the Jumbotron brought a huge cheer from the crowd at Neyland

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