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    Rivals: NSD Winners and Losers

    Click bait and selling ads is the real point...NSD articles and college football in general is just the vehicle to that end. Plus we like to read that kinda s$%#! lol
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    '18 VA RB Ricky Slade

    Back in my day they only ran ' before the first "ok boomer" lol
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Won't matter... the way we rollin' CJP will get him to K-Town as a PWO! lol GBO!!
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    '20 AL ATH Damarcus "Dee" Beckwith (Tennessee signee)

    I think we're good! Gator's posting "He Gone" on their board!:p lol
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    '20 SC SDE Jordan Burch (uscjr commit)

    Blue font violation! 15 yard penalty and loss of a post...or OVM could put his perception glasses...I'm good either way lol
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    You mean for the "implication" right? :)
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    Too much standing around on the offensive end. Defensive effort is good but offensively its all one on one
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    Worst basketball team since

    This team is possibly the biggest unknown at this point in the season of any Tennessee team I can remember, and I've been following the Vols since the late 1950's. The flashes of brilliance followed by play that leaves you wondering “where did these guys come from” is confounding. They need a...
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    "Just a little high and outside..ball 1"
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    JG almost never throws a receiver open. So many of his throws were late and high in the bowl game. Maybe the best throw he made all night, which would probably have been a TD, was when Jennings ran a shallow post and was held. The ball looked like it would have hit Juan in stride had be been...
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Maurer had two concussions in about as many weeks otherwise I think he would have won the job for the balance of the season. JG came back and played well during that stretch run and re-won the job; which means he got most of the reps with the 1's. So Maurer got behind in his progress. Many...
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    Real possibility Trey Smith returns

    Think someone else posted something similar but as much as I would love to see him back I hope he makes the decision that ultimately is best for his long term health. Whatever he does he will be a VFL
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    Real possibility Trey Smith returns

    Don't know enough about NFL rookie contract structure to comment, but the only way TS is a bust is he can't go because of health. From draft prospective they may look at it the same way they're looking at say someone like Tua. Talented without a doubt but may never play a healthy down.
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    Vols looking at grad transfer WR Velus Jones

    Or he could be the WR version of Joe Burrow! lol
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    Real possibility Trey Smith returns

    Playing NFL GM for a moment, I'm taking Trey in the first round but only after structuring a deal that limits the guaranteed money and pays consequentially for the number of starts or availability for starts. He’s too great a talent for one or more teams not to try and structure a deal that...

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