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    Pruitt to Bama?

    Really? That’s what we said about Dooley... I don’t think Pruitt is Dooley but Pruitt hasn’t proved much yet. Bama would pay money to get Dabo or maybe Smart.
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    ESPN app in Spanish

    Thanks! It worked.
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    ESPN app in Spanish

    TN vs GT. Is anyone seeing a game in English on ESPN app? Haven’t got dish hooked up yet and having to deal with this Spanish feed on my espn app.
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    TN vs Missouri and parking

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    G10 Parking pass, will purchase

    I would let mine go for $75 if interested. My number is (423) 502-3628 text or leave message
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    UK fans ripping on Neyland

    We are tradition not a generic stadium that was helped by a chain grocery retailer.
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    Tennessee vs Kentucky point spread? [opened at Kentucky -3.5]

    UK is a good team but not a great team. I would say no more than UK being a 7 point favorite.
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    Lane Kiffin as OC? What say you?

    If he can’t do it with USC talent what makes you think he can get it done here? Maybe as a receiver coach but not OC.
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    2 Terrace tickets for Tennessee vs Alabama game

    Good luck! I lost my ass too but didn’t want to eat them.
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    Bama is Beatable

    Lol. We won but don’t go to far. I knew we had a good chance at this but Bama? I don’t think we can get within 28 points
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    Bama vs TN tickets

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    Auburn fans rooting for the Vols.

    I would agree... they are the only one that beats Bama every 3-4 years. I guess they are tired of being little brother in state to best ever dynasty in college football history.
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    Bama vs TN TV and time announced - 3:30 CBS

    Yep and we will get destroyed on national tv and listening to those announcers to make matters worse.
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    Bama vs TN TV and time announced - 3:30 CBS

    Another 3:30 game on CBS.
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    Tennessee or Nebraska ?

    Frost did a remarkable job in the sunshine state. I have no doubt he can coach but can he go to Texas, California, Georgia and Florida and get some decent players. Pruitt is still in progress but we have more resources and got better players in TN and are closer distance to better players.

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