Can Vandy steal the top recruit in the state?

This billboard showed up in Greensville, NC on Sunday

You’ve probably heard that Christian radio personality Harold Camping predicted that the world would end on Saturday, May 21st. According to Camping, the Rapture and Judgment were supposed take place at 6pm on that day. The story gained national traction across every major news outlet.

But the time passed and nothing happened. Just like the above billboard says, it was probably a bit awkward for some when they found themselves still around on Sunday.

You know what else is awkward? This tidbit posted by a Rivals recruiting analyst — proof that Armageddon may actually be near.

“Rivals100 RB Brian Kimbrow of Memphis East just told me moments ago the #Vanderbilt #Commodores are his leader. Relationship w/ coaches key”

“Kimbrow said he actually has thought about committing to #Vandy but says he’s holding off for now.”

Wha? Things just got real. A top prospect in the state of Tennessee naming Vanderbilt as his leader over the Vols? Okay, so maybe this isn’t end-of-the-world surprising, but it’s shocking nevertheless.

Not only is Brian Kimbrow a top 100 player, he’s one of the fastest talents in the state and quite possibly possibly the top prospect in Tennessee.

“He’s scary fast,” East High School assistant football coach Coby Hayslett said of Kimbrow. “It’s scary because he can become faster. He’s super quick but I would say he’s faster than quick. And Brian can block very well too. Brian is a football player with track speed. He’s a 10.5 100-meter guy. Brian is a smaller version of Percy Harvin.”

Kimbrow isn’t the only one high on Vanderbilt. The Commodores already have six commitments for 2012 and they’ve gone into the state of Georgia to grab five of them. Coach James Franklin is doing work in Nashville and he’s turning heads of recruiting experts in the process.

Momentum can be a crazy thing, and Vanderbilt seems to have it.

“Coach Franklin said we need to get this thing going, we need a ‘plunger’ and I didn’t know what he meant by ‘plunger’ … then I realized a little later,” Georgia linebacker Jacob Sealand told the AJC. “He said he needed one big-name player in the Atlanta area to commit and people would follow. I didn’t know I’d be that guy. But as soon as I committed last week, I guess other people saw it because we got more commitments from our area.”

Maybe Kimbrow is just having some fun with the recruiting process. Or, maybe he is legitimately interested in Vanderbilt? Either way, it’s still a long time until signing day and this one should be fun to follow.

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17 thoughts on “Can Vandy steal the top recruit in the state?

  1. My first thought was SMU. How else can you get top recruits to go to a school with D2 facilities AT BEST, who has not won an SEC title in the past 30 years, and with a first year head coach!

  2. He can come here and never beat the vols or he can go
    there and never beat the vols… Either way.. Outcome is the same

  3. I like how this guy has offers from Alabama and Florida and yet the surprise
    is vandy over the vols… He has like 30 offers.. The surprise is he picked the worst team
    available to him

  4. Do not count Vandy out. Nashille is a lot closer to Memphis than Knoxville if he is interested in easier travel for family. Also UT has heavy radar on Mathers in the Boro.

  5. TNBIGO: Do not count Vandy out. Nashille is a lot closer to Memphis than Knoxville if he is interested in easier travel for family. Also UT has heavy radar on Mathers in the Boro.

    Sorry but Mathers aint coming to Tennessee

  6. I hope that he does. But from what I’m hearing from the Blackman folks, Tennessee is about third on his list. I worked with several members of that staff.

  7. If Tennessee is 3rd on Mathers list, I think that’s a good sign. Who is #1 and #2. If it’s Auburn and Bama, then maybe we got a shot. Auburn hasn’t offered yet and is hopefully going to be in a lot of trouble soon. Bama may get some other top notch running backs leaving Mathers out there. I’ll take Mathers at UT.

  8. He isnt going to go to Bama or Auburn. He has to much talent to sit the bench behind the overated backs from Florida and Georgia. Dooley needs to shut the borders down starting with the hot bed that mid TN is becoming.

  9. Coach Dooley is on him hard and I hope that he is a Vol. But right now I don’t think he”ll sign with us. Thompson is the coach that spends the most time over there, hopefully he can get him.

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