Lane Kiffin comments on officiating II

Lane Kiffin comments on officialsLast night, after the game, I posted Lane Kiffin’s comments regarding the officiating:

In a sarcastic tone, he said something to the effect of ‘great call on the pass interference. That was definitely pass interference. Commissioner Slive, I appreciate that call.’

Sunday, on The Lane Kiffin Show with Bob Kessling, Kiffin once again gave his thoughts (or not) on the officiating during Tennessee’s game with Vanderbilt. The two are discussing the fourth quarter pass interference in the endzone called on Anthony Anderson.

Kessling: This is third and goal.

Kiffin: [sigh]

Kessling: The ball looks like it’s intercepted.

Kiffin: [sounding as if he’s reading from a script] The ball is intercepted. I thought that was a great call by the ref throwing the pass interference there. I’m sure that we were at fault.

Kessling: Here it is again.

Kiffin: You can say whatever you want. He can’t fine you.

Kessling: No i think i’m under the same umbrella.

No he can’t fine you, don’t worry. Go ahead, say what i wanted.

Under the same umbrella.

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2 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin comments on officiating II

  1. That is just awesome. Without a doubt we have the coolest coach ever. The
    ” I thought that was a great call by the ref throwing the pass interference there. I’m sure that we were at fault” shows how even Kiff can be contrite.

    See Mike Slive, Lane Kiffin has your back. And the qoutes just keep on coming.

    Great Job Freak!

  2. I drive every home game and live in South Carolina and being their that ball was interceped very clearly if any thing it was a offensive pass interference and Tennessee should have had the ball the sec ref are a piece of crap this they should not be deciding the game out come it should be the boys on the field Go Lane get your point across maybe the comm will wake up and see the light he scared to do anything with all the sec teams draging in 15 million a year each from ESPN

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