Bruce Pearl's Crib

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Bruce Pearls new crib in Gettysvue

Bruce Pearl's new crib in Gettysvue

Bruce Pearl spends a major part of his life on the road: recruiting trips, away games, speaking engagements, and media teasers. For years, at Southern Indiana and Milwaukee-Wisconsin, he practically lived out of his car or bus seat. In Knoxville, though, one of the hardest working coaches in college basketball has found a place to call home that’s almost as lavish as his personality. Pearl invited us in for an exclusive inside the busiest man in Knoxville’s end-of-the-day Gettysvue getaway. Since Pearl’s schedule doesn’t leave all the time in the world to dedicate to color patterns or veranda furniture, he recruited interior designers Cindy Hamby and Sherri Springer of Braden’s furniture to help him find the look as classic yet eclectic as Pearl himself.

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