1982 Tennessee Alabama

Tennessee 35
Alabama 28


October 16, 1982
Attendance: 95,342

  • Bama rolled into Neyland Stadium ranked #2 in the nation having just beaten traditional power Penn State.
  • Tennessee pulled out┬átheir all orange uniforms.
  • The Tide jumped out to an early lead. It took a 52-yard TD from Alan Cockrell to Willie Gault to bring the Vols to life.
  • Chuck Coleman’s 34 yard touchdown run put the Vols up 14 with 7:21 to play in the game.
  • Alabama wasn’t finished. Down only seven points, they had a fourth down pass into the endzone with 17 seconds remaining in the game, but it was intercepted by Mike Terry.
  • The fans rushed the field and the goal posts came crashing down.
  • Cockrell finished 18-29 for 192 yards and two touchdowns, while Chuck Coleman rushed for 139 yards and a touchdown. That week, UPI named Johnny Majors the Coach of the Week and Alan Cockrell the Southeast Player of the Week.
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6 thoughts on “1982 Tennessee Alabama

  1. After listening to Tennessee Football on radio all of my life, I had a friend ask me to go to this game with him. It was my FIRST time to ever SEE a Vols game and be at Neyland Stadium. The day was perfect fall weather and we really had no idea that Tennessee would even be in this game, let alone WIN! I’ll never forget seeing the fans rush the field and tear down the goal posts! Needless to say, I was hooked. It was a day I will NEVER forget!

  2. This game was my Freshman year at UT. I was a loudmouth freshman who, after learning that UT hadn’t beaten Alabama in 11 years, guaranteed a win. I remember the last sequence most of all. After the 3rd down pass (the one Terry intercepted) the crowd started screaming “we beat Bama! We beat Bama!”

    Being in section GG I didn’t see the interception. I was screaming “They still have 4th down !!!” I looked up at the scoreboard just soon enough to see the little football go from the Alabama side to the Tennessee side. I screamed “We intercepted it !! Oh My God !!!”

    I did not tear the goalposts at that game, but I did after the UT win over Bo Jackson and Auburn in 1985. In fact, in that game, I was actually in the end zone on the final play. That was cool, too.

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  5. Mike Terry is my Uncle! We are sitting here enjoying this clip as it is bringing back good memories! Reggie White was trying to suffocate him on the bottom of the pile! LOL
    Insider knowledge!! LOL

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