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·9.28 Vols practice as students prepar head on Fall… (free) | Devrin Young
·9.28 Buford Makes National Top 10 (free) | Jay Rome
·9.28 Vol Report: Fall Break (free) | Devrin Young
·9.28 Christ Church's Townes passes for state… (free) | Justin Worley
·9.28 Two weeks later, Dooley vows to play Devrin Young… (free) | Devrin Young
·9.28 Hunting Post-Hunter (free) | Brendan Downs
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·9.28 Bulldogs' freshman Mitchell makes quick work… (free) | Jay Rome
·9.28 Vols looking at DB combination (free) | Izauea Lanier
·9.28 Georgia freshman Malcolm Mitchell quick to adjust… (free) | Jay Rome
·9.27 Vols looking for more effective DB combination (free) | Izauea Lanier
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·9.27 SEC Insider: Opponents' attention shifts to… (free) | Justin Coleman
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·9.27 Christ Church's Townes sets state record (free) | Justin Worley
·9.27 Watkins' play may help local recruiting (free) | Mike Bellamy
·9.27 Corner Izauea Lanier to start for UT (free) | Izauea Lanier
·9.27 Renewed enthusiasm: Vols engage in game week… (free) | Izauea Lanier
·9.26 Izauea Lanier wants to learn on the job (free) | Izauea Lanier
·9.26 Vols kick off Buffalo week preparations (free) | Izauea Lanier
·9.26 Shakeup at cornerback ($) | Izauea Lanier
·9.26 Vols Football Report: Buffalo Week (free) | Izauea Lanier
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·9.24 Reluctant Kansas State Takes on Hurricanes (free) | Gionni Paul
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·9.23 High school football: Look for Kirby, St. Albans… (free) | Allan Wasonga
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·9.23 Gallagher column: Roaming the county (free) | Romar Morris
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