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September 6, Wednesday

  • I hope everyone is doing well on this fine Wednesday. Me, I’m still pretty high from the win. Lots of folks seem to be bummed about the game, however. I thought this reply to a video I linked on the VolNation twitter was especially surprising: “Seriously. NOTHING to brag about. They hype needs to stop guys. You have some serious work to do. Love the Vols but that was saaadddd,” Barbara McGreger wrote. — I don’t know about you guys, but I thought Monday’s game was exciting and I’m still thrilled that Tennessee escaped with the win. We showed a ton of resolve not to quit when things looked bleak. Sure our team has some issues, but I’ll wait until we lose before I refer to a game as sad.
  • If you missed it yesterday, the Vols are No. 21 in the Coaches Poll this week and No. 25 in the AP Poll.
  • I’m sure you caught the news yesterday that Jauan Jennings is expected to miss 12 weeks with a dislocated wrist. He was Tennessee’s most experienced receiver and one of the more vocal leaders on that offense. He’ll be missed and I wish him a speedy recovery. The good news? How about that Marquez Callaway. What a game he had, scoring three of Tennessee’s four touchdowns.
  • Tennessee’s game Monday earned a 3.3 viewer rating according to ESPN, which was the third-best since last Labor Day.
  • The Tennessee Trash Can seems to be the talk of the town. Even Paul Finebaum now has a Hot Take Trash Can on his show.
  • Tennessee’s odds of winning the National Championship improved from 75:1 to 66:1. Moving on up.
  • You think Trey Smith was fired up after he destroyed a Georgia Tech defender? He’s an absolute monster, plus he’s mean and nasty. In a good way. Just what we need on that offensive line. I was thrilled to see him have success in his Tennessee debut. Cole Cubelic said of Smith, “Can’t teach fight. Tre Smith has it. Stats aggressive in pass pro. Pretty good body control to be that big.” 
  • John Kelly, Marquez Callaway and Brett Kendrick made the ProFootball Focus Week 1 SEC Team of the Week.
  • WATE had a nice interview with Josh Dobbs after the game on Monday night. Looks like he’s wearing the VFL gear Tennessee sent him last week.
  • Here’s everything you need to know from Butch’s press conference this afternoon.
  • Forum member DiderotsGhost wrote a nice detailed post on his takeaways from Georgia Tech. Check it out. It’s a nice read with some good discussion points. [warning: it’s long]



  • Thanks Freak…you know as well as I do…fans gonna bum some…that’s just the way it is…great win for VolNation…some things to work on, as usual, but a great win, nonetheless…I filter out all the rest…LoL, and

    GO VOLS!

  • I dunno, Freak. I know our D had a rough go of it, but having only played against a triple option team one time…way, way back in the day…I and most of my other team mates were totally stymied into being out of position just when they wanted us to be. That offense is just another animal. Once mastered, if well coached, then each player only has to execute a handful of techniques, and there’s an absurd discipline necessary to stay home and also to whip those knee diving blockers. All I can say is we’re fortunate that that’s the only such setup our guys’ll have to face this year. As for the offense: After watching the game at the Benz, then going over all those offensive plays (that you stuck in here…well played) I noticed a whole lot of reasons to be encouraged. If the defense could’ve got the ball back into QD’s hands more often, the Vols would’ve scored a lot of points. Now, as for Tre Smith: The young man’s a potential super-star.

    • Thanks for the comment, sameolvol. I’m waiting for the UF game before I judge the defense. I know GT’s scheme and losing two starters at the last minute played a role. That said, it’s still hard to swallow when teams break all-time rushing records against you.

  • Good bullets – it is a bit of a head scratcher to see people bummed over a crazy come from behind win where the team showed resilience and a never say die attitude. We have a lot to work on but it’s better to have things to work on when you’re 1-0 versus the alternative.

    • I agree wholeheartedly Septic. I really enjoyed watching this team claw, fight and come from behind to win. We’re still undefeated!

      Thanks for the comment.

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