Clint Stoerner “high on Tennessee again this year”

Former Arkansas quarterback turned SEC Network college football analyst Clint Stoerner is “high on Tennessee again this year,” according to his Twitter.

Unlike fellow SEC Network analyst Booger McFarland, who predicted an abysmal season for the Vols, Stoerner thinks Tennessee has a talented squad and will be tough to beat if they can avoid the injuries that led to 27 different starters on defense last year.

Each of his tweets ended with the hashtag #GBO.

Football season is near. Go Big Orange, indeed!


  • QBs and WRs are the only “question mark” for UT’s Offense…..and I would say, their in good hands regardless of who starts……I think their is too much emphasis on picking “starters” in the modern College Football era, their must exist a multifaceted approach to winning football games. Today’s Power 5 Teams are smart and building a “predictable” scheme on both sides of the ball is not a good formula to winning in today’s college football. If Bama can get a freshman ready to play, why can’t UT with either QD or JG? Both are/where highly regarded QBs coming out of High School. Booger might have a good insight to the locker room, but has a bad habit of comparing previous performances of teams with the current teams. FB players develop, and what happen last year, has no bearing on this year. UT returns a lot of experience and talent, they are as good and maybe better. One only has to look at the Nebraska game and see what happens when a team is allowed to heal. The Defense played very well and the offense performed better against a Top 10 defense. Yes, I am a UT Fan, but being realistic was something ALL UT fans had to accept. Every team in College has injuries, and UT suffered more than ANY of the SEC teams. Staying healthy is always a predictor of performance. Depth is much better this year than last, talent exist at ALL the skill positions. My opinion, it will be the sideline performance during each game that will determine UT’s success, and with this staff……I don’t see many mental errors in that regard.


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