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About this Page -- This is a discussion on Please don't comment if you aren't interested. within the forum Tennessee Vols Tickets. Guys, this is a ticket forum. It's a place for people to post tickets for sale so that people who ...

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Please don't comment if you aren't interested

Guys, this is a ticket forum. It's a place for people to post tickets for sale so that people who are genuinely interested may purchase them. Some are asking really high prices. If you don't like it, don't buy them. Check prices from your local ticket broker and online ticket brokers. You will find that most times they aren't cheap and most of the time....they still sell them.

It's supply and demand. If someone wants good seats and is willing to pay for them, so be it.

I will no longer tolerate 10 posts in every thread criticizing sellers for asking too much.

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I totally agree ... We all complain about Tennessee being down and now CBJ is bringing us back up and ppl still want to pay the price for tickets as they did when we were down .. Check Bama ticket prices and stop complaining
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I would like to suggest a protocol to go along with no complaining.

If you post a want tickets or tickets for sale, provide a way of contact. Asking others to post their information is unfair. For instance, I choose never to post my personal email on any internet site but will often reply. When I post a phone number, it includes "words" such as 8six5-555-one234 to prevent the web robots from gathering it and putting me on an international call list to have funny accents calling to offer me exotic treatments to enlarge my genitalia. For the same reason, I suggest using "at" in email addresses instead of @. It confuses the bots and confused bots are fun to kill. (gobigorangeATemailserver.com)

For those that still haven't realized it, the PM system does not work. If you want tickets or want to sell tickets, make it easier for someone to contact YOU.
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