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About this Page -- This is a discussion on Bama pays players! Page 2. within the forum Tennessee Vols Football. Originally Posted by VOL61 I guess it is lame to talk about your biggest rivals being looked at for "Major ...

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Originally Posted by VOL61 View Post
I guess it is lame to talk about your biggest rivals being looked at for "Major infractions" by the NCAA. Who cares? Who cares they cheat like hell. Who cares they have back to back #1 recruiting classes. Who cares they have kicked the crap out of us the last two years.

Yea everybody pays their kids. Everybody does it. It's lame to talk about Alabama.
News flash: We pay players too............If you think that Tennessee is a clean program, then you must be out of your skull.
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Originally Posted by utvolpj View Post
Water is wet!
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Originally Posted by BCSsucks View Post
In other news, we are in the midst of an economic downturn.
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Guys, it's okay... Obama will pay for our Gas and Mortgage. We'll be okay.
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Found this, thought it goes pretty well with this situation...

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I think the reason it's not getting more play is that it wasn't a recruiting violation or something like that. It's textbooks, not something that gives an on the field advantage. And it was evidently a scheme run by players, not involving any of the coaches.

Still, there always seems to be a stink coming out of Tuscaloosa.
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2. Alabama’s textbook case: How serious? Understand that when the NCAA is involved, nothing happens in a vacuum. The NCAA has a long, long memory.

Here is what I mean. Normally, jay walking is not a serious offense. But if you go before the same judge a bunch of times for various transgressions, he might be tempted to send you a message with a punishment that goes beyond the seriousness of the crime. And then you have to hire a lawyer and fight like crazy on what appeared to be something fairly minor.

That is the situation that faces Alabama football. In the fall of 2007 the school had to sit five football players because of what it said was a glitch in its method of providing textbooks and other educational materials to athletes. This glitch allowed “friends” of the athletes to also get these materials, whose reported value was around $1,600. If you think that sounds like chump change in a multi-million dollar enterprise that is Alabama football, it is. But it also misses the point.

Alabama went before the judge, better known as the NCAA’s committee on infractions, on Feb. 20. The COI normally makes a final decision about 4-6 weeks after that meeting.

The judge probably wanted to know why, after getting everything BUT the death penalty in 2002, Alabama would allow ANY glitches like this to happen.

Nobody knows what is going to happen in this case. If somebody tells you they do, they are delusional—or lying. But you can’t dismiss it as minor until the judge SAYS that it is minor.

It’s good to be back. So what did I miss? | Mr. College Football
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