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We Will sign 24-27 players
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Glad to see these three get scholarships! Love it when hard work is rewarded.
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Originally Posted by VFLPastor View Post
Glad to see these three get scholarships! Love it when hard work is rewarded.
+1, shows reward for sacrifice

I've never heard of this, scholarships are for one year per the NCAA although the big ten is pushing for four year scholarships. I wonder if they are just signing a financial agreement with the school? I think Butch just gave Saban some new ideas, lol.
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Originally Posted by Daloth View Post
Played with West in high school. Not even one our 10 best players honestly. But, our team was loaded. Had several DII and DIII players. He was maybe the 3rd best WR (generously there) and the 4th best DB until his senior year.

He's a great kid and love him like a brother. but nobody at our school in the past 20 years was good enough to go DI in any sport (Except for Brynae Laxton who played for the vols in the 90's). Seems like a head scratcher to me.
Some guys peak athletically later then others. He probably worked his tail off (walk-ons usually do) and along with some physical maturation earned himself a scholly...of course this doesn't mean he'll see the field for any extended period of time but I commend his effort and hard work. He certainly didn't take an easy path.
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Give them some credit. They have probably been through hell to get their scholarships. Thats 3 years of getting their ass kicked every day in practice.
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