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About this Page -- This is a discussion on Last Years Coaching Exodus....... Page 2. within the forum Tennessee Vols Football. Originally Posted by VolunteerHillbilly There's no incentive for him to take a step down just yet. If CBJ can't get ...

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Originally Posted by VolunteerHillbilly View Post
There's no incentive for him to take a step down just yet. If CBJ can't get anything rolling in the next couple of years, Dooley may start to look like just a scapegoat for systemic problems and find himself getting some decent offers in late 2014. 2013 looks like a no.
I think a lot of people predicted that he would be fired in year three as a scapegoat. So, I do think a lot of it is just that. However, this past year showed that it was time for him to go. He had lost control of the program, for whatever the reason.

I would be interested to watch him attempt to run another program, just to see if he could really coach, given a good opportunity. I know the opinions here. So, no one needs to wear me out over MY opinion.
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Originally Posted by rok_etop View Post
Had a converstion last night with a grand parent of one of my kids friends. Hes a retired HS football coach and was also Harry Heistands (our old OL coach) old college roomate and still very close and good friends. I asked him about Harry and he said that he was so thrilled to even be coaching again. Harry told him that the reason all the coaches left last year was because they all hated working for Dooley. Said he was very distant unless it involved someone big!! im assuming he meant a booster or a recruit. Said that Harry was planning to just out right retire and get out of it because he was under contract. After he left, ND came calling, and thats where he landed. Of course we all know how that worked out for him this year.

This friend also said that he came out of retirement to take a HS OC job locally. The coach (Eric Epler) who lured him out of retirement was a GA under Jones at Cincy and said that this guy is the real deal. Thought it was a great hire for UT.

I guess time will tell. I hope hes right!!
welcome back to the SEC?

as all ways Go Lady Vols
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