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About this Page -- This is a discussion on Michael Odell (Former WR on Lane Kiffin's squad) AMA on reddit. Page 4. within the forum Tennessee Vols Football. This was awesome! ...

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This was awesome!
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Originally Posted by velovol View Post
and the Rod Wilks stuff was awesome
You're welcome.
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Great read
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Very interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.

Wish I could run through the T just once. Just once and I'd die a happy man.
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Originally Posted by Chrasher View Post
You're welcome.
I assume you are the one who asked him that?
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The Gibblet girls are so hot they leave you with a burning sensation every time you relieve yourself.
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Originally Posted by Vol2424 View Post
Nevermind , I found it.

Which one of you...

YouTube Link
I wish I could say that I did that to him but he looks to good.
I hunt the evil that you deny exists.
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