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Thunder Good-Oil
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Pick your 10 Pick your 10 Pick your 10
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Pick your 10 Pick your 10 Pick your 10 Pick your 10 Pick your 10
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It appears that Barnes has settled on these 9 at this point:


with Walker coming along as the 10th/extra size in the paint.

TN played three guards most of the High Point game.

Zach Kent: project

Pons: ankle injury/project

Johnson: looks to me like he's not playing with a lot of confidence. I think he's not playing loose... putting a lot of pressure on himself. I hope he doesn't get discouraged. No doubt his injury this summer was a set back.

JJ and Pons will be especially important in a couple of years after Admiral graduates. If JJ develops his O/S shot there will be a lot of minutes opening up after Daniel, Darrington, and AS move on. Then more after Bone, Turner, and Bowden leave.
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Pick your 10
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Pick your 10
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I agree that that will be the rotation for at least the non SEC season. It may shrink down a bit a the games start to count even more.

I too hope Johnson hangs in there cause he has talent and it's easy to see. Having come back from a major injury during my playing years I can tell you it's hard to really play loose until you have fully regained confidence in your body. In addition, you feel like you're always behind and press trying to get back to where you were. Recovery can be rough. Great to see Fulky doing so well post injury.

Also, I'm starting to think that Kent will red shirt and that Pons should too. Kent needs physical development although he seems willing to mix it up when he needs to. I'm starting to think that Pons has what could turn into a chronic ankle issue if it doesn't get corrected pretty soon. A red shirt year might also give him a chance to adapt fully to the US culture and language and get his academics on solid footing as well as addressing his ankle issue. Just a thought.
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