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About this Page -- This is a discussion on BASEBALL REPORT: Sticking to the Process. within the forum Tennessee Vols Baseball. Just a few weeks in to fall practice, the Vols know that they still have a long way to go ...

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BASEBALL REPORT: Sticking to the Process

Just a few weeks in to fall practice, the Vols know that they still have a long way to go to become the team they want to be. But that doesn't mean they can't be excited about the progress that they have already made.


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This is one kind of article that prompted me to start the "Any news about THIS team" thread a while back.

The article interviews Coach Serrano about how his 20+ new players are settling in and works its way to a conclusion without naming a single one of those players and without giving a single hint about who is having a good fall or who is battling for spots in the rotation or starting lineup.

The blackout on information about the team is frustrating. We're reduced to guessing who is doing well by seeing who gets the sidebar human interest pieces written about them. It's like it's the 1960's, and we're Kremlin watchers, guessing who is in favor based on who stands where on the platform at the May Day parade.

I realize Serrano is a very accomplished coach, it's his program, he plans to be around longer than any of the current players, and he's an articulate spokesman. For these reasons, I was happy to read all about him during his first year on the job. Now I want to read about the players.

For example, we just graduated a great defensive shortstop. Will his replacement be last year's third baseman or second baseman, or will it be one of the new guys? Is there a battle for short or is it settled? There are similar questions about just about every other key role on the team. Will Nick Williams be the closer or a starter? Who besides Godley might start on the weekends? There are only six sophs, and of them only Will Maddox really established himself as a solid starter last year. Typically players who make a leap forward during college do so between the frosh and soph years. Which of our sophs reported in this fall determined to stake a claim?

Anybody who has been to fall scrimmages is welcome to chime in with any actual information or opinions about how the team is shaping up.
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I have only attended one practice/scrimmage and Simcox was playing shortstop on one of the teams, not sure who was on the other as there are no numbers/names on the T-shirts. Watching batting practice it appears we only have a few guys with power and lots of line drive hitters (very slightly built group at this time, weight room may change that over their careers). Love the way Serrano runs practice, taking infield during batting practice, players running in and out of the cage, practicing base running from third during batting practice, quick rotation from fielding to BP.
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Yeah, the couple practices I saw last year, I was highly impressed by how well organized it was, how quickly the reps happened, how everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing, and how much teaching was happening without slowing things down. Serrano and his coaches definitely know how to run a practice.
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