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About this Page -- This is a discussion on Former Vols Reflect on 2005 CWS Trip. within the forum Tennessee Vols Baseball. The 2012 College World Series starts tonight, so UTSports.com sat down with former Vols and current Major League players J.P. ...

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Former Vols Reflect on 2005 CWS Trip

The 2012 College World Series starts tonight, so UTSports.com sat down with former Vols and current Major League players J.P. Arencibia and Luke Hochevar to discuss Tennessee's last trip to Omaha in 2005.


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That was a VERY special time. At that time my youngest son was stationed at Offutt .... the Air Force base in Omaha. Also, my vacation just happened to fall within the week of the College World Series. We we all elated. The Vols had made the Series and we were going to go see them as a family along with my son stationed in Omaha.

Then, the phone call came that stunned me....left me speechless. Eight businesses, or entities, in the Omaha area each take a team and hosts them while they are in town. Offutt took Tennessee. My son was walking by the office of the officer that was in charge of hosting the Vols. As he walked on down the hall he heard someone from in the office say, "Hey! That guy that just went by knows Delmonico!" They called for him to come back into the room where the person in charge asked if it was true he knew the head coach. "Rod? Yeah, sure, I used to work out with a couple of the coaches and some of the players would watch". Both of the officers looked at each other with big, wide eyes and looked at my son with big grins. "Well, Airman Burress, how would you like to host the Tennessee baseball team?"

Wow! Can you believe that? He was all for that...bigtime. As he was walking on down the hall after the meeting he heard someone shout, "There he goes!" He turned to see two television crews running all over each other in a dead heat to run him down. The local Omaha stations wanted to interview him. It was a good story.....Tennessee boy from the Knoxville area hosts his own baseball team. I almost cried when I saw the television interview. During the interview all you had to do was look at his face....it was beaming with pride!

He stayed with the team for several days.....showing them all over the base and answering the hundreds of questions they threw at him. They looked for him at the game and after each game came to the end of the dugout and insisted he come down onto the field with them....which he did. I want to thank the team for being so nice to my boy. They truly were grateful to my son for being their host. This was a lifetime experience for him, the team, and my family as well. By the way, he called me today while flying over Pakistan on his way to Afghanistan.

Thanks Vols!

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LookinUp, great story and I'm sure a great memory for your entire family. Tell your son, Thanks for his service to our nation and we pray for his safety and the safety of all our military men and women.
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That is a great story LookinUp, thanks for sharing.
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Thanks for sharing! Our thoughts and prayers are with your son and his service is much appreciated!! Its wonderful to see positive sports stories and to know the Vols behaved with some class and represented UT well. It makes me so proud to read this after all the negative sports stories I get so tired of hearing about that reflect so badly on the university. Go Vols!!
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